Dienstag, 29. August 2017

+++ROWAN ROBERTSON+++Watch it now!

Watch it now!

Rock Hostel - Dishes 
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Montag, 28. August 2017

TAIPAN Release Lyric / Tour Video Featuring the Vocals of Dianne Van Giersbergen (XANDRIA): Wartime Ballad

TAIPAN, has released their fourth video from their debut album, “Straight From The Underground”. TAIPAN’s ballad “There Will Come Soft Rains”, was released August 25th 2017 and is based on the wartime poem written by Sara Teasdale. The song is performed by Dianne Van Giersbergen vocalist for world-famous symphonic goth band XANDRIA and includes appearances by Mike Guerrero (Hirax), Mike Albert (Megadeth), Jerry Orie (Disquiet) and more. The lyric video was filmed in Tampico and Madero Mexico during TAIPAN’s 2017 tour.
Michael Black of TAIPAN writes, “As the concept of recreating the poetry of Sara Teasdale into a metal ballad developed, the vocals of Dianne Van Giersbergen became evident. Teasdale’s poetry, “There Will Come Soft Rains”, is powerful as is the vocals of Dianne Van Giersbergen. When the lyrics, vocals and melody combine you hear a truly haunting and emotional presentation.”
See “There Will Come Soft Rains” at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YTCxEG51yc

Wikipedia adds, “There Will Come Soft Rains” is a 12-line poem by Sara Teasdale. The work was first published in the July 1918 issue of Harper’s Magazine, and later included in her 1920 collection Flame and Shadow (see 1920 in poetry). The poem imagines nature reclaiming a battlefield after the fighting is finished. The poem also alludes to the idea of human extinction by war (lines 10 and 12), which was not a commonplace idea until the invention of nuclear weapons, 25 years later”.
TAIPAN’s debut album “Straight From The Underground” unites the leading musicians from all over the world. Guest members include: Aaron Rossi (Ministry, Ankla); Tony Campos (Soulfly, Static-X, Fear Factory), Michael Black (Black Oil, Stone Faced), Sergey Lazar (Arkona), Chris Poland (Megadeth), Dianne van Giersbergen (Xandria), Cristian Machado ( Ill Nino) and Andrey Nova (Crimson Blue).

TAIPAN’s previous videos, “Straight From The Underground”, “White Fog of Bohpal” and “1/6” has received over 85,000 views combined. The band can be seen in the United States, Costa Rica and Mexico and can be seen performing and headlining festivals. Since the band’s conception in 2015 the band has witnessed a continued growth and widening reach.
TAIPAN is preparing to enter the studio now to record their second album. The band is endorsed by Dead Sea Records, Echo Eyes Entertainment, Cold Cock Whiskey, Gilmore Custom Cases, Gorilla Snot Drumstick and Pick Grip, Lock It Guitar Straps, Rock N Roll Gangstar, Silverfox Drum Sticks, Sinister Picks, Sons of a Bitch, Soultone Cymbals, Venom Records, Torchr Lighters, Tusnami Cables, and Lumpen Street Clothes.
For more information see:
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Donnerstag, 24. August 2017

+++SEX BOMB+++ - Buch Rezension: Tom Jones - Die Autobiografie

Tom Jones
Over The Top And Back
Die Autobiografie

Bildquelle © by Randomhouse


Sir Thomas John Woodward - geboren in Wales. Seine Karriere ging steil bergauf -  vom sprichwörtlichen Staubsaugervertreter zum Weltstar. Bereits n den 60-er Jahren begann seine Sanges-Karriere unter "Tommy Scott And The Senators".

Da die Band um Tom TIGER Jones leider nicht so sonderlich erfolgreich war, startete Jones daraufhin eine Solo-Karriere. Viele Jahre später - im Jahr 1999 räumte er dann mit seinem großen Hit "SEX BOMB" so richtig auf.

Im 2008 schlug Queen Elisabeth II. Tiger Jones zum KNIGHT BACHELOR. Seitdem ist sein Titel SIR THOMAS. Weihnachten 2016 stand er im deutschen Fernsehen gemeinsam mit HELENE FISCHER auf der Bühne und schmetterte dort im Duett mit Helene seinen größten Hit SEX BOMB. Leider erlag seine Frau Lady Melinda 2016, laut Medienberichten zu Folge, ihrem Krebsleiden.

Fazit: Die  Jugenderlebnisse von Tom Jones werden bis ins Kleinste beschrieben, nichts wird ausgelassen. Der gespannte Leser erfährt hier wahrlich mehr als genug privates. Viele geben nicht so detailreich alles Preis. Hier und da merkt man aber wieder die ellenlangen Sätze. Wie so immer wenn das Original-Werk in z. B. Englischer Sprache geschrieben ist - gibt es diese endlos Sätze, die teilweise etwas verwirrend sind und den Lesefluß öfter ein mal beeinflussen. Für alle Musik-Fans ist das Buch nichtsdestotrotz eine Pflichtlektüre. Der Leser lernt einiges über Mr. SEX BOMB. 

Für das Rezensionsexemplar danke ich der Randomhouse Verlagsgruppe recht herzlich.

Montag, 21. August 2017

Freitag, 18. August 2017

Tracy G Group Bandanas

Tracy G News
Tracy G Group Bandanas!

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Samstag, 12. August 2017

Rogue Society major concert announcement - 21st October


Rogue Society is direct support for Firehouse at BLK on Saturday October 21st at BLK!!!

Tickets are available now directly from Rogue Society.

ROGUE SOCIETY members are:

Byron Nemeth - Guitar, Roddy Barney - Vocals, Bill Jackson - Drums and Peter Riot - Bass

ROGUE SOCIETY is Hard Rock & Heavy Metal with a Victorian flair for Rock 'N Roll debauchery & degradation from the best decades of music taken from the 80’s & 70’s.

For Merch email us at: merchandise@roguesocietymusic.com

The band will do covers to cement the chemistry and originals of which songwriting has already begun. With originals the focus will be on the Digital Singles/Video direct to Spotify & You Tube model to drive the Live shows thru social media.

Dienstag, 8. August 2017

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Sonntag, 6. August 2017

The Darker My Horizon - Dear Olivia - Acoustic Version... watch it now!!!

The Darker my Horizon

Here's a snippet of the acoustic version of "Dear Olivia" - which is from our forthcoming third Album.

Hope you enjoy it, we can't wait to share this next set of songs with you. Have an awesome weekend. #TDmH #SeizeTheDay

Freitag, 4. August 2017

For Immediate release - Uncle Sid Video and tour dates

Uncle SidFeatured Video
Hello Sidizens!

Our Video "Evilution" is ready for your viewing pleasure.
This will give you a taste of our live show, taken at our CD release party.
If you have never seen us, this new video will hopefully leave you wanting more.
Please leave a comment Sidizens, we want to hear what you all think :)

In other news:
Our Japan Tour dates have finally been announced on our Reverbnation profile!
So all our Japanese friends can see if we play near them.
We want to meet each and every one of our fans there!
Share these dates with your friends so we can all have a Rockin good time!
This is going to be our first tour over seas and we are very hyped.
Get ready to Rock Japan!

That's it for now Sidizens, more Uncle Sid news soon.

Keep Rockin with Uncle Sid, you'll be glad you did!


Uncle Sid

Featured Video

Play SongEvilution
Play SongThe Road
Play SongHorns Up!

Upcoming Shows
Friday, September 8
WALL  •  Shinjuku, TOKYO, JP  •  8:00pm
Get the Details
Saturday, September 9
CRESCENDO  •  Kichijoji, JP  •  8:00pm
Get the Details
Sunday, September 10
Shibuya Club Kinoto  •  Shibuya, JP  •  8:00pm
Get the Details

"new song ‘Horns Up!’ Canadian rockers Uncle Sid have released a new song, ‘Horns Up!’ which is a tribute to the late, great Ronnie James Dio.What’s even better is that it is a free download  Plenty of rocking guitar on this one and worthy of a listen."— Jason Ritchie, The Rock 'N' Roll Oatcake, Jan 23, 2017
Uncle Sid = Rocket Queen Promotion Rooster

Mittwoch, 2. August 2017

Franz K. stürmt die Charts! DU BIST DIE FREIHEIT

Franz K. in den deutschen Schlagercharts mit dabei! 

Auch die Schlager Radios finden inzwischen Rock-Pop gut.... und das ist auch gut so... also bitte FRANZ K. voten ....danke...danke...danke

Das Video von Franz K. könnt ihr ansehen indem ihr HIER klickt. Teilen auf euren Medien ist ebenfalls erwünscht. Vielen Dank! 

Beyond Fallen (USA) Tourflyer - Please spread the word!

Beyond Fallen @Rocket Queen Promotion