Sonntag, 1. Januar 2017

Uncle Sid is releasing a new single - HORNS UP - please share

Here it is Sidizens! Uncle Sid is releasing a new single called,
"Horns Up!" for your listening pleasure :) 
Let's us know what you think and get your free download
while you can!


This fund raising campaign will help Uncle Sid start to tour internationally.
Your donations will help us achieve this goal! We ask that you open up your
hearts and make 2017 a year that will see Uncle Sid get to the next level of
playing live in Countries around the World! Only you can help us make this
dream become a reality for this band.…/uncle-sid-seeking-music-lovers-…

Sidizens if you can't help financially can you please share :)
Thanks and keep Rockin' Sidizens!

Thank You to all our fantastic Fans!
All the best over this Holiday season :)

Keep Rockin with Uncle Sid, you'll be glad you did!

Cheers from all of us.

Uncle Sid!/UncleSidMusic