Montag, 1. Februar 2016

Neues The Display Video online - Jetzt ansehen! WOW

Due to some problems with the onlinestores, our release will take place a few days later. We apologize and hope you enjoy our first song.

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The Display Bio:

Formed in late 2001 by David Hambach who was just 17 at the time, this young yet extraordinarily talented musician put together a new band and very quickly became established as a force to be reckoned with. The backdrop was Paderborn, an average German town with its pulse on the music scene. David recruited Ingo Kuhoff on bass, Uli Schmdt on guitar and Bart Rymek on vocals. As the band played their first gig they also an EP which featured 4 bruising brutal stabs of metal screamcore, something that the Paderborn scene was definitely lacking. 
In less than 6 months The Display had already achieved more than some bands do in a few years and this first version of the band soon parted ways with David now switching to guitar and Ingo still on the bass. Daniel ‘Weiland’ Schmitz from the popular Paderborn metal band ‘Greed’ took over drum duties and Deadly Sin frontman Ross Thompson on vocals, with the band’s style shifting slightly to accommodate Ross’s less scream/more melodic tones. The music was as in your face as before but now the focus was on big hooks and groove, coining the style of music as ‘Moshrock’ and with another EP and some music videos, all filmed on location in and around Paderborn The Display were back with new vigour.

Not long into this inception in late 2005, Ingo and the band parted ways and he was replaced by Chris Jobi, another very young talented musician. The band were now complete and more recordings and live shows became the weekly program for the band. It was around 2006 that Weiland decided to leave the band which left the band somewhat heartbroken and unsure how to continue. David hailed Weiland as one of the most amazing drummers out there and looked upon him as a role model so he was leaving some very big shoes to fill. Enter Mario Oliva, another local musician who seized the opportunity to join The Display, who quickly returned to the live circuit playing countless shows. 

During this time Ross would mention the name Van Canto, a new musical project he was invited to be a part of… an acapella Heavy Metal band. In summer 2008, Ross and Van Canto played at the now infamous Wacken Open Air festival and very soon after signed a major record deal. Around this time The Display were collectively meeting less and less and David joined an new metal band out of Paderborn called Bloodwork, but this time as the singer. In less than a year Bloodwork followed in Van Canto’s shoes and played the Wacken Festival as well as a host of other popular music festivals across the country, released two albums and were a force to be reckoned with. 

In 2011 David left Bloodwork and right away hit the studio and started writing, upping the ante to make something even more punishing, the outcome was Epitome. With David staying on vocals and reuniting with Weiland and Jobi on drums and bass respectively, he brought in new blood to the fold on guitars, Patrick Sperling and Matthias Degener. The band successfully toured with the likes of Scar Symmetry and Illdisposed and released their debut album in 2014. 

Things were going well but there was still some unfinished business… and in winter 2015 the core members of The Display reunited bringing in Epitome axeman Pat Sperling to make the band a five piece and now in 2016 they are ready to deliver your much needed and overdue prescription of MOSHROCK