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Razer - Razer 

Hailing from Phönix AZ, from the hot dessert this is RAZER. A quintet from the USA. In June 2015 they finally self published their self titeled album called "Razer". It offers 10 rocking tunes with a playing time of about 45 minutes.

Chris Powers voice has got the POWERS to make it all sound great and 80`s like. And within the songs you truely hear Razer`s passion for music, they play it loud, hard, fast and wild. Greetings from the 80`s. And yes GN`R says hello. 

Mr. Powers got a fantastic hard rock voice and his band mates rocking their socks off. They are a well experienced team and they show it through their music and hard work. You don`t have to miss this record. 

Play it loud - crank it up!!! You will hear from Razer again, as they are working with Alan Niven - who`s also best know for his work with Guns N Roses and Great White etc.!!! 

1. Blood For Blood
2. It`s A Mutha..
3. Into The Light
4. The Last One
5. The Things You Do
6. Ironborn
7. Scordatura
8. Better Time
9. The Chosen One
10. Shattered

Release Date: 22nd June 2015
Label: Razer
Playing time: 45:08 minutes

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