Dienstag, 29. September 2015

Rocket Queen interviewed King`s X JERRY GASKILL - read it now!


Dear Jerry, thank you so much for taking your time for my questions. Feeling honored to be talking to you. So here we go!

1. Jerry, please introduce yourself to my readers from all around the globe, please!

Jerry: Hey everybody! Jerry Gaskill here from King’s X.

2. Well you went to a lot of tragedies in life so far. What is the main motor that keeps you
going and how did you manage to get back to business as usual?
Jerry: I have had some tragic things happen in the last few years but I wouldn’t change a thing. I feel like I’ve been given another opportunity to live my life in the best way possible. When I was in the hospital the first time I determined in myself that I would be better than ever or I just wouldn’t perform ever again. I am more aware of my body now. I feel I know better how to take care of my body. We never know what is brewing inside our bodies so I feel it’s always wise to have it checked out by a doctor. I am also surrounded by great people. I’m also fortunate to have love and support from all over the world. All these factors keep me going. I have a wonderful wife and two dogs and a new record coming out soon. I’m a lucky man with a lot to be thankful for. I feel I have a kinship with death now. Knowing that I can die and not even be aware of it is actually encouraging and inspiring to me. I think the fact that I am still alive is the biggest motivator for me. I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at that for now.

3. When was the idea of a solo record born? And what made you think about doing a solo CD?

Jerry: I think when Dug put his first solo record out is when I realized I had to make a record too. I have music in me that must come out. I’ve been fortunate to be able to make records and have them out there for people to hear. I make records because I have to. It’s what I do and I’m especially excited about this new one Love and Scars.

4. You asked some well-known musicians to join your project. Did it long to convince them to join your team doing this record? And how did you run into Kurdt Vanderhoof mastering your album?

Jerry: As a matter of fact I didn’t have to convince anyone. Everybody was in as soon as I asked. Billy Sheehan practically asked me if he could play on the record. I am honored beyond words to have such incredible talent on this record and everyone played the most perfect things imaginable for the songs. Billy Sheehan, Earl Slick, Phil Keaggy, JD Deservio, Andee Blacksugar, Bob Burger, Topher Nolen, David Parks, Matt Gray, Matt Farley, John Farley, Joey Gaskill and Virus. Also Michael Wagener. We recorded all the drums at his studio Wireworld. Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve never met Kurdt face to face, only through email. Joe O’Brien from Rat Pak suggested having Kurdt master the record. So we sent him one song just to see what we would think. When it came back I was floored. It had a power and fullness I didn’t even know was possible with what we gave him. So naturally he mastered the whole record.

5. Is there any secrets about LOVE AND SCARS you can already reveal at this point?

Jerry: No not really. You can create your own secrets as you listen to it.

6. Please state us the musical difference between the last King`s X studio album and your new solo CD!

Jerry: Making a King’s X record and making a solo record are two completely different ballgames. King’s X is three different guys who all have intense musical visions of their own. Love and Scars is me and my friend Da Karkos,,,I call him Dan, Dan is a true musical visionary as well. Love and Scars is our vision, I love King’s X, yet I’ve never felt more comfortable sharing my ideas with anyone as much as I do Dan. I think though that this record might even help my vision for King’s X a bit. But we’ll see…

7. How was the collaboration between you and bass-star Billy Sheehan? Could you give us a light insight report on your cooperation with Billy, please?

Jerry: I love Billy! Billy is one of the true greats. So having him play a part in this record is a true honor like I said before. I wasn’t in the room with him when he recorded his parts but what he did showed me that he totally got the vibe of the songs he played on. He took the vibe and truly enhanced it. It’s like magic to me.

8. You are a drummer and you prove what it takes to be an awesome songwriter and singer as well. Not all musicians have the talent to go double tracked. So this is the best opportunity to prove it to the whole world? Your own requirements on your solo album are....?

Jerry: First…thanks. My own requirements are that I be true to myself and love the music that I’m making. I want to make records where each part has its perfect place and purpose. I also want to perform the best I can. I’m very rarely 100% satisfied with what I do although I feel very good about this record. It feels like the record we set out to make.

9. The songs on LOVE AND SCARS deal about everyday life for example. Your own words about everyday life are.... ? Your motto in life is...?

Jerry: I say we listen to our hearts and our bodies. They both tell us exactly what we want. We know when we’re not honest with ourselves and we know when are bodies are not happy with what we’re doing to it. We need both to survive. I have no real motto. I can only hope that we can keep moving toward that thing that makes us the people we know we should be.

10. And now up to some non-album related questions. Well, so when you are on the road. How does your typical show day schedule look like?

Jerry: We just finished a small tour. I would wake up, workout, shower, have breakfast, drive to the gig, do sound check, eat dinner, go to the hotel and wait to play. Then we’d do the show. Then a meet and greet afterwards, back to the hotel, go to sleep and do it again the next day.

11. What was the worst thing that`s happened to you during a show?

Jerry: The worst thing for me is always when I feel I didn’t play well.

12. Your favorite gear you use in the studio is...?

Jerry: I don’t really have favorite gear. I try to make the best out of whatever it is I’m using at the time. But I do love all the gear I normally use which is GMS drums, Paiste cymbals, Evans heads, Vater sticks and Tama hardware.

13. The King`s X fans also want to know if there`s any chance that King`s X will release a new album sometime in the near future?

Jerry: There is definitely a chance. I’d say we are actively pursuing making another record right now. When it will happen I don’t know. But it will happen, most likely in the near future.

14. Last but not least - the floor is yours. Please leave a message for all your German fans.

Jerry: Be good to yourselves. Listen to your body and listen to your heart. That’s really all we have. And buy my new record Love and Scars…


Thanks from the heart for this interview. Feeling honored to be talking to you. Thanks for your time. All best to you! And I hope your health is improving since you had to suffer so much. God bless you Jerry. Best regards, Susi Müller

Thanks Susi. My pleasure! As for my health, I am doing great!!