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Neu auf Streetclip TV: Review zu DIEMONDS - Never Wanna Die - jetzt lesen

DIEMONDS - Never Wanna Die
Stil: Hard Rock
Label: Napalm Records
OHA Kanada. Heute nehmen wir uns eine Hard Rock Truppe aus Toronto vor. Gegründet wurde die Truppe um Sängerin Priya Panda im Jahr 2006 - in  Ontario. Seit kurzem ist die Band unter den Fittichen von Napalm Records. DIEMONDS aus Kanada sind eher noch ein unbeschriebenes Blatt in der deutschen Rock-Szene. Mit ihrem neuen Werk "Never Wanna Die" wollen die Kanadier die Szene aufmischen und erst kürzlich hat die 5-köpfige Band im  Juli ihre Feast from the East Tour absolviert.
Als 2008 ihre erst EP erschien tourten sie durch die Staaten und Kanada und spielten bereits mit Bands wie L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, John Corabi. In 2012 signte man mit dem "The Bad Pack"-Album  beim unabhängigen Punk Rock Label "Underground Operations". Ebenso erschlossen sich die  Möglichkeiten als Support-Act von Gitarrist Slash zu agieren.
Das zweite Output der Band wurde von dem aus Kanada stammenden Eric Ratz (unter anderem Billy Talent, The Tea Party, Danko Jones u.a.) produziert  - das dritte Machwerk der Band enthält nun 10 Songs, die am vierten September auf die Rock Fans losgelassen werden. Uns erwartet hier: 

Die Musik von DIEMONDS ist durch die vorgenannten Namen schon grob definiert. Auch wenn durchaus Einflüsse von LA - Bands wie Motley Crüe oder auch Guns ´n´ Roses an allen Ecken durchscheinen, ist man doch deutlich moderner unterwegs. Das zeigt sich insbesondere in den Arrangements der Songs, die mehr in Richtung Billy Talent gehen. Da gibt es erheblich schlechtere Referenzen.
Musikalisch gut umgesetzt und packend produziert. Die Vocals von Priya Panda passen super. Das Album macht Spaß und live wird es bei DIEMONDS bestimmt richtig abgehen.
Punkte: 7

© 29.08.2015 by Susi Rocketqueen Müller 

New: Horror Book author Dan Padanova - exklusive interview - READ IT NOW!

August 2015

Pic © by Dan Padavona

Hello Dan, here are my interview questions for you. Hope you`ll feel comfortable with them. Thanks in advance for answering them. So herewe go:

Please introduce yourself to my readers first!
Dan: My name is Dan Padavona, and I moonlight as a horror author. My regular job is as a government meteorologist. I'm  47 years old, married, and my wife and I have two teenage children.

You are an author writing horror books. So when did you first find out about your love for horror books/horror movies? Well from the media reports I found out that your dad loved reading books too… so maybe you and he shared the same reading-genres?

Dan: I've loved horror movies for as long as I can remember, beginning with the old Universal monster movies (Dracula, The Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon) and eventually moving on to the Hammer Films. The slasher craze began when I was a teenager, and from the moment I saw Halloween, I was hooked. Around the same time, I expanded my love of horror into Stephen King novels.

My father was an avid reader, and though he did enjoy horror, he read a wide range of genres, including non-fiction. I recall sending him King books for gifts, as he enjoyed King's work. He also read the Thomas Harris novels.

What`s so fascinating about the Horror genre?

Dan: Watching and reading horror is a lot like enjoying a thrill ride at amusement park. I get a rush of adrenaline, but I know it's make-believe and all will end well...maybe.

Do you also planned on writing about other topics as well? Or do you want to follow the horror topic in the first instance? And if you planned to write about other things too which topics do you have in mind?

Dan: I actually read more fantasy than I do horror, with my favorite writers being Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, and J.K. Rowling. I have an idea for a fantasy series, but I need to flesh it out before it can become a story. So plan on a healthy mix of fantasy and horror in my writing future.


You already wrote some books. Could you tell us something about your previous books before we talk about your newest release? Writing process and getting it out to the world…

Dan: My first novel was Storberry, a classic vampire horror novel, the sort which is hardly ever written these days. It was my belief that there were many horror fans, like me, who wanted a story like Storberry, and based on the positive response, I think it was a good decision.

Legendary indie horror writer J. Thorn and I co-authored Shadow Witch earlier this year, a mix of dark fantasy and horror.

This month, I released the third book in my post-apocalyptic horror/adventure series, Dark Vanishings. Dark Vanishings also has fantasy aspects, especially due to the protagonist.

The majority of new authors choose the self-publishing route these days, and with the relative ease of bringing new novels to e-reader devices, it really is the best move. Even many established authors are leaving traditional publishing to enter the independent market, as we have total creative control over our product and can price our novels according to market trends.

On 21th August 2015 you released your brand new book “Dark Vanishings 3” How long did it take to write it and to release it?

Dark Vanishings 3 took about two months to write the first draft, and maybe another month for rewrites, editing, and formatting. The release itself is quick and easy. Once I upload the digital file to Amazon, the book usually goes on sale within 12 hours, with the print version showing up in a day or two.

The story of Dark Vanishings begins with Tori, a teenage girl who awakens to find herself completely alone in her town. Everyone she knows has mysteriously vanished. She's just trying to survive and wrap her head around the situation when she realizes someone is following her. And the chase begins.

Eventually a community of survivors attempts to rebuild society in their own small way, but all along, the enemy is massing unbeknownst to the survivors.

One thing I really love about Dark Vanishings is that the evil depicted in the story is vulnerable and faces a very real threat from the protagonist. The idea of an all-powerful, unbeatable enemy is a bit tiresome to me. You can't have a true battle between good and evil unless good can stand on its own two feet.

Will there be a forth part of Dark Vanishings in the future? Or do you have other plans which you couldn`t reveal at this point?

The fourth and final book in the Dark Vanishings series is being written right now. I hope to complete the first draft by mid-September so I can release the final novel before Halloween. But I won't know for a while how long this project will truly take to complete.

Have you already done lectures of your books as well? And if do you plan on a little traveling introducing your books to a wider audience as well? Or do you want to introduce your books via internet only? What are your plans concerning this?

Like most independent authors, I struggle daily to gain recognition for my writing. I've done a handful of interviews, but no conventions or lectures as of yet. I doubt I have the name recognition to generate interest. However, there is some talk of having me sign books at a horror convention next summer. If the event comes together, I'll let everyone know through social media.

Have you already thought about releasing your books in other languages as well? Like German language for example?

It's a project for down the road. I certainly appreciate that there are readers in other countries who are interested, but as a one-man author, publisher, and promoter, there is only so much time in the day. So for now, I remain focused on writing the next book and the book after that. But hopefully one day soon there will be enough interest in my writing to justify converting the text to multiple languages.

From what I learned you are working as a meteorologist. So for me that’s really an exciting stuff and I am sure you had to study hard for this. Do you like to share some details on the educations for this job? Do you always dreamt of becoming a meteorologist when you was a kid – or do you want to become something else when you were a little boy?

Dan: I grew up fascinated by thunderstorms and tornadoes, probably drawing initial inspiration from The Wizard of Oz. When I was very young, my father used to tell me about how strong tornadoes were and the incredible things they could do. My mother had traveled to Florida when she was young, so she knew about hurricanes. They instilled in me an interest in meteorology when I was young, though I think both were surprised when I chose to study weather in college.

Meteorology is actually a grueling curriculum, based in physics, math, and chemistry. I took 15 credits of advanced calculus and 8 credits of physics in college as prerequisites for meteorology, and I still get cold sweats when I think about some of the exams.

Have you also thought about writing a book about your dad sometime?

Dan: If I had better relations with the people who now control his intellectual property, I would have offered to finish his autobiography. But that's up to them now. As I understand it, my father had completed about a third of his book prior to his death. If I had his notes, I could probably finish the book in less than two months.

The difficulty is that my parents separated when I was four years old, and after my father moved to California, I rarely saw him, which makes writing a book about his life impossible without access to his notes.

I know that all the people ask you this on an instant basis. Well but my readers and me don`t know it yet. How was it for you personally to grow up with the best metal singer in history there is, was and will be? Do you want to share any inside stories? Hope that is not too private for you. If you don`t want to go into detail we surely respect that! I know all the people love and forever will love your Dad and not just for his music so most of all for the good-hearted person he was.

Dan: He was a terrific singer. I don't claim he was the best, as I feel doing so disrespects so many other talented vocalists. However, he was certainly my favorite singer and always will be.

My parents were often at odds, and I felt caught in the middle. Growing up without a father figure in the house was heartbreaking, and it left me with a lot of anger. My father and I loved each other, but we never properly forged the relationship most fathers and sons have. Maybe we eventually would have, had cancer not taken him away prematurely. I hope to see him again one day, and maybe we can be father and son, as we were meant to be.

Your dad in your own words…

One of the most talented and creative singers in rock history, a true pioneer. He was difficult to work for, as he was a perfectionist, and hence the turnover of band members in Dio was high. But many of them eventually came back, which I feel is a testament to their love for him and the music they created together. The outpouring of love for him when he passed spoke for itself.

I'll miss him for as long as I'm alive, but I believe his music will be relevant long after I'm gone.

Last but not least the floor is yours. Leave a message for all your German fans and for my readers worldwide, please:

Dan: I want to give my deepest thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in my writing. There are so many more stories to tell, and I hope that over the course of my lifetime, I can tell a few which will make a difference in your life. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and support!

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Interview with Anton Chernyshevich from - READ IT!

Interview with rock journalist and rock photgrapher 

Hello dear Anton,
Welcome to the interviews with Rocket Queen. It`s my pleasure having you for an interview. So here`s some questions for you as well. Thanks in advance for answering. Hope you like the ones I sent – and if you have to add or change something feel free to add/change.

Please introduce yourself to my readers first.

Hallo, Susi!!!!!!!!!!! Guten Tag und almost Abend, and let me say, it is cool to be interviewed by you)! I run rock magazine mainly these days, which is a rock, metal and all in-between magazine. I also have this which is full of photography from rock events and all of that kind. I also like doing street pictures or anything unplanned and it is better to be seen at – just spontaneous stuff from streets, yards, homes, places and so on, thus I never get my vision narrowed to rock only J Within rock genre I also like to take pictures which show people in a different than typical ROCKy way, with a serious face, or something pretending, no, I don’t like this, so I try to get them laughing their guts off, or involve them somehow to do something. For example, last time it was drawing a dog by the band Poisonblack from Finland, and that was cool and home style atmosphere around it. It works much better if you get someone involved into action, just as a reason to make him or her relax and forget about the  look, clothing, face, and all this stuff which doesn’t matter that much neither now nor in the end.
I travel around a bit, to Finland mainly these days, taking interviews, finding rock stars of tomorrow and trying to approach the stars of today, too J you see, I do not try too hard, to get big names, because young bands are often very cool in human sense, very enthusiastic about their music and stuff, and still down-to-earth guys, so I don’t wait ‘til they grow global and become tired and unavailable)))
Also, I send letters to here and there to some exotic corners of the world, to see if there is anyone there in music sense, rocking and firing on stage. Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Antarctica… Kidding)))
If a band plays what each of the members feel like really, if they are true about what they are doing, enjoying the music game, then it’s okay, doesn’t matter what genre it might be tagged like, then I go for it and try to connect and get them to talk and have my part of fun, too, haha)))) Because whatever we do, it should be something easy going, as I understand it. At least, these days I realize it this way. No failure really, if some band says NO, okay, there is someone else coming to you, anyway, so you go and feel the wind going along and listening to some tunes as well. Things go okay if one doesn’t twist the hands of the flow too much, you know what I mean?)) Sure, you know)!
Do you want to give us a short introduction about the city you live in/you grow up in? (Only if you like if it’s too personal I surely understand)
Sure, I live in St. Petersburg, it is a big city life, with its running here and there, and I actually don’t mind)) I sometimes also get carried away with the rhythm of this unnaturally fast kind, but then I stop and feel like, okay, enough of jogging for today, I have to check out the taste of air tonight and sniff some roses, too, as far as it is summer and as far as I am a Rock Dog, after all)))hah
You run and also When did the history of your pages start and what lead you to start those pages?
Both are not too old dudes, like the first one is a month old, so he is sorry as he got no authority of those dinosaurs existing for decades))) it is fresh youngster, with enthusiasm and interest to ask for stuff which is not all about music and songwriting but more on the other side, more informal and focused on what is going on right now – on the good talk, plain talk, some pepper, some sea salt, some dry mango and may be curry too – and absolutely no shit. Okay, almost!)))  So what matters is people, not the genre or style or outlook, but energy. It is sort of cool if we happen to use it somehow better than habitual destructive way. is what I photograph in rock and metal. Trying to catch the moments when the musician or singer is lost within his feeling, not pretending to be, but really is, and it can be understood well from his eyes. Eyes is one of those exits for inner energy, you know. So when you focus really on the person on stage, not that you have to be very intense, no, just the opposite, relaxed, but concentrated, and then you sort of become that guy on stage and can predict, what will be his next move and follow him and catch the moment with camera… hahaha I am feeling like a damn lecturer on rock shooting!))) You see, that’s what I was warning you about – give me place to hold a speech and there will be an acute need in some tool to shut this all up))) So I do it better right now))
Well, so since you started which were the biggest stars you already interviewed for your Magazine yet?
The biggest name? Well, how to measure the name? by sales, by charts, by media coverage? I would leave it to the readers who take time to read stuff, not run thru that, and even if so, I do it because I like it, so no one has to read if one doesn’t feel like that. I started both because I personally like that, there is no mission or statement behind it, although at the header of the it says something like no news, no rumors, no shit, just rock’n’roll))) that only means, I really do not deal with daily news. First reason is that it is tiresome for people to read so much, and all news come to the page of account of the band anyway, and second is, that I want to talk over things which show the personality, not just the musician, but person, you know, with his or her thoughts, worries and hopes, ups and downs and positive thinking all in all, because If we open up more than we do, probably we will see that everyone has the same shit kind of problems, or better say, wrong thinking, leading to problems, and then it all becomes a really funny situation, we see same problems revealed and then we stop to pretend and show off so intensely. It is about of freedom taste, may be, or may be I am totally wrong, but it is okay anyway J)) I mean, words, they always lead us into lots of troubles and interpreting them is different for all of people thru prism of their mind, so let’s better look at pictures than at words)))) may be this is one of the reasons, I have this only stuffed with pictures and no words – because then it is less reason to argue with each other over opinions and all that shit. You watched the movie Apocalypse Now by Francis Coppola? Classics. One of the guys there, Kurtz, he says, have you ever been free from opinion - from anyone else’s opinion, and, which is more important, from your own?) Good idea! J
And which bands or musicians do you like to talk to most in the near future?
I find it cool to talk to absolutely unknown (unknown to me, for sure) bands and people in music these days, if we talk about Rock Dog magazine. It is entertaining activity for me, so I want to keep it a mystery for myself, too, and I like the unknown ones, really.
For sure there are bands I would like to ask stuff from, if they come on the way, or it happens by some unexpected way, but it’s really okay, if I never see them – they have their business and their wishes, and I am not necessarily on the list of those ))))) hahah

You already done some stunning band photos. It was really great to go through your photography’s. I think you must be really proud that Jeff Waters used one of your pics for one of his promo-postings at Facebook, aren`t you?
Thank you very much, Susi, for your super words about the pictures, good that you have fun looking at it, I do, too, and I find it really cool that Jeff took one, at least this expression on his face was so beast-like and thrashing, that he could not resist, I guess)))) haha anyway, we owe to Jeff for his ability and artistic drive for making faces like this. Actually, all you have to do is just not to sleep much, relax and catch the moments while standing near the stage in the pit.
While talking about photos. So which year do you take the pic of Jeff´s cool hellish grin? And is there any pro tips on how catching such moments on pictures?
"It was this year’s Jalometalli festival in Oulu, Finland. 7th or 8th August. Good weather, good music and super cool Jeff. He got so much energy in stock, and he is such a cool man, really, no posing, no shit, just pure thrasher and guitar crusher." 

When did you learn to take pictures? Did you take a class or did you learn it yourself? And did you start with nature pics first or with band pictures first? So what`s the most inspiring thing for you when taking pictures?
I think I have been with camera for last three years and two as regular shooting. First what I did was as usual – buy a lot of books on how to become a pro, but I never read any and sold them all brand new))) haha too boring for me to read how to do something if I can just go and do it))) so it’s like if you love it, you will learn naturally, it’s easy really. No secrets behind, just you and your passion is more than enough. It should be fun, first of all, and shots should reveal energy of a person, I keep this as criteria for myself. My mother used to work as a journalist and she now does great pictures, too, in daily life style, when time allows, so may be stuff like this is just a heritage or inherited from DNA or how’s that called)))! Ahah but I never liked to learn anything really, I think it is cool to do your own way, totally)) but any other way is okay, I just talk of how I like it))
What was the idea about your homepage rubric “Draw A Dog”? Could you explain it to my readers please?
It is just that I ask the band to draw a dog for me))haha It is the website called rock dog, so here I am asking for their interpretation of a dog, just give them a paper and a pen, and here comes a old school doggie))) just fun)! Some people sent dogs by facebook, and I will publish them soon. It is cool so you are welcome too, just draw me a dog, Susi!))) Bitte))) hahah you see? If you hadn’t asked, you would not have to draw it now)))))

Do you also plan on starting to review CDs as well or publishing band news to your pages? Or do you want to carry on with the rubrics you already have? Or do you want to work on something new in the future? Any plans so far?
No, as for news, I won’t, I focus on things that do not go by that quickly, and I run it alone, so it would be me exhausted in a day or two. I think there are resources more suitable for this activity than mine, and I do what others don’t – not because I want to stand out, no, but because it is just what I like doing. Some slow talk, some fun, and some relaxed stuff. The website is clean and easy, yes, it is fresh and not too much content there, but anyway, if it is updated every day, it is a hard chance that you will keep on reading it all, right? You have other things to do, anyway, so it is like that))) fun, easy, plain talking, and dog-drawing))))haha of course it is not limited by that, so if anything comes, I put it there, but mostly it can cover everything, but news. News … they become old the moment they are born, aren’t they?)))) so we keep timeless and newsless diet for rock doggy)))
You have lots of things going on you have a page where you post about street stuff and also a page where you post male and fe-male portraits. Would you like to tell us something more about those projects, please?
Those are places, like warehouses for this kind of pictures. I go out and if I have a camera with me I can do some stuff. Not that I am looking or hunting for any on purpose, but if it comes the way I go, then I can probably make a pic. Sometimes not, because it is good to just enjoy the moment and not try to own it, or necessarily make shots of it. Good exercise to not develop art kind of greed, you know)))) you come to some awesome Norwegian fjord, and you have a camera, and you sit still there with eyes closed and make no single picture))))))))ahahaha that’s fun, that’s what makes experience cooler than it could be))) fjord is fjord, it will be there quite okay with you or without. But this sort of fun is really something changing approach) You sort of deal with temptation to shoot cool stuff but you don’t and just enjoy it instead, with all feelings you got. That’s probably a thing to try) hahah  yes, I do female and male portraits (for some reason I got female ones so far, but all males are welcome, surely!))) as well, and that is fun time too. Its different. I don’t like studio light neither do I like posing, even if you re posing, it is good if we start with this, but along the time we start to go into that and forget about making pictures, in fact we don’t, we just have good time, and that should really be so, not a cover but truly so, a game, and there should not be something like ‘awww, how much time left, and how much will that cost” kind of hurry. That’s a bullshit, you know))) If we forget about time and money, we can do better things at smaller pay and shorter period, naturally. The prcess, I mean, is what matters, not the goal. Or, better said, the goal and process should be the one thing))) If you like doing smth, the goal is already achieved, so no worries anymore. Of course, this guy fails to follow these words, but from time to time it happens, ))))haha
You have been out of your country taking some pics outside your country. Which band was easily to work with taking pics of?
I think all bands were cool to work with, they all are greeting this when the time is available, you should feel that to a certain degree, that this is a good moment, and this is time when they should have they privacy unspoiled, and again, being a hunter is not what I like in photography for myself, it’s not really me. It all comes naturally, either a band is on your way, or you are on the way of the band, and somehow it all works out. Or not)))))))))ahahah what sometimes make it all complicated at big festivals with big names are fences. You know, these things which separate you from the behind the stage area))))) guards are always cool, I put up with them perfectly, you see some of them at rock faces. Com, they welcome the idea to be shot (by camera)))). But smaller festivals are easier in that regard, so there is a lot of great stuff to do there at smaller ones. Smaller festivals have this special intimate atmosphere, home-like and very approachable. Less filtered access))))
Your favorite bands are…???
They are very many, as you might guess))) look, everyone who has a feeling for what he is doing is nice to listen to, it always feels, and those are many, really. Today I listen to some thrash, like Waking the fury by Annihilator, tomorrow it is Tankard with Tantrum song and it’s Who stole my beer kind of lyric, then may be it is native American flute by traditional Navajo people, and then it is nothing, a period of silence, because you know, silence is music, and you can listen to it without any download links and free in the forest and all of that places. So you see, it goes beyond that. Ambient is cool. Some jazz stuff like Coleman Hawkins’ ‘The Hawk Relaxes’ – it is very relaxing jazz mood, sax is perfect there, Coleman felt what he did, for sure. Some Peruvian instrumental in its original way. I like to play some drums too, although far from being a pro, for sure, but as I assay, it is not about being a pro if you wanna play drums, it is about letting good energy flow, and what tool you need and how you play, doesn’t matter))) just take it and push the dust of your sleepy neighbors out!))))))

Which song is stuck in your head right now and why?

Honestly, I just have none in my head now, but recently there was one by Brazilian band Hunna, called  Não Há Nada, I don’t have an idea what it means because this language is somewhat not my native, or any I know)) Also, it was Vader’s Triumph of Death, whose lyric I find very sober and… well, very sober) seems like)))

Any last words you would like to add?
I would like that these words were not the last, ))))haha and we meet one day and do some cool rock stuff!)))

Please add all your media pages so my readers will find you. Thank you again!
Thanks so much for taking your time, was nice talking to you. So happy we have met and looking forward to many great cooperation’s. Have a super day and week and thanks for all again. Susi

Thank you, Susi, so much, you did it so unexpectedly, so I decide to be unexpectedly back today, instead of tomorrow with these answers))) haha Have a day full of everything)! Yeah, I mean, of all that there is for you)

© 26.08.2015 by Rocket Queen *Promotion* SM

ALL PICS © by Anton Chernyshevich/Natalia Tarasova

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Eventtip: Speed Stroke from Italy will rock the 4rooms in Leipzig on 5th September 2015

For immediate release! The awesome SPEED STROKE will hit Germany on 5th September and will rock the 4rooms in Leipzig. The show starts at 20:00 Uhr... Be there and help us spread the flyer. Thank you for your time. Welcome Speed Stroke in Germany soon! Ready for some sleaze rock? 

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Exclusive WATCHTOWER interview... Watchtower talked to Rocket Queen ....


Pic © by Alan Tecchio

© by Ron Jarzombek

talked to Rocket Queen... so here`s the exclusive interview... have fun reading...

Well, many of my readers are kids from the younger generation, so it would be great if you could introduce your band to them first of all.

Alan: Watchtower has been around since the 80’s but we have kind of been on hiatus for a long time now. Just recently I was brought back into the fold and we now have 3 new songs we are looking to get out to the fans.

Ron: Musically, WatchTower has been described as Rush meets Metallica. We’ve got lots of heavy elements, some fusion, lots of tech/prog.

Why have you chosen the band name “WATCHTOWER” ? Due to a particular reason?

Alan: That was before my time but I was told that it represented their lyrical approach. Meaning that they were writing about subjects as if viewing them from the top of a tower. Not from a condescending viewpoint but rather from an objective one.

What have Mr. Rick Colaluca and Mr. Doug Keyser been doing within the last twenty years? 
In the meantime we have heard from Mr. Tecchio and Mr. Jarzombek so we wonder what the others did. Which projects did they partake in musically and apart from the music business?

Ron: In the early 90s (during the time when my hand was screwed up) Doug and Rick were in a funk/rap band called Retarted Elf. That lasted a few years. After that, I don’t think they did much musically. They just stuck to their day jobs and led normal everyday lives. Rick played in a few local bands, but never made any recordings or played outside of Austin.

In 2010 you played the KIT-Festival in Lauda-Königshofen/Germany. What are your personal memories on the festival? … Impressions – how many fans showed up to see YOU live?

Alan: Well that festival may not be the biggest in Germany but it is one of the best. We had a great gig and the autograph signing session was over the top. Fans were rabid and enthusiastic. It was such a great feeling as a band member to be remembered so passionately after all these years.

By the way we are talking about live shows so I wonder: What was the wackiest thing happened when you were on the road?

Alan: Hmmmmm….. Not really sure. We had an underwear party backstage once. I cannot get into details but it was a lot of fun. J

Ron: A funny story on my part was when we first flew out of Texas to go to Germany, I was stopped at the airport because they thought my homemade metronome in my suitcase was a bomb. This was before 911 (Sept 11), so I’m sure if that happened now, they’d close down the whole airport.

Could you please give a little update on what the band has been doing since then – is there any news you could reveal? Like if you have a new label-deal? 

Alan: As I mentioned, we have this new music that we are looking to release. However, we are awaiting mixes at the moment and once they are done we can see if any labels are interested or is we just want to put it our ourselves. Perhaps even release it digitally although I know the European fans are not big on downloading.

Ron: WatchTower has played European festivals in 2000 (Bang Your Head), 2004 (Headway) and 2010 (Keep It True). During those years, we’d get together a few months before and after the gigs, and try to finish writing and recording a third album, which was to be titled  ‘Mathematics’. Other than those times, we’ve had very little communication.

And if you have a label deal we all want to know… what happened to the long awaited album “Mathematics”? We know back then in the 90`s somehow the labels didn’t show much interest releasing this album?  Is there any chance that it will see the light of day sometime?

Alan: I do not think the labels were not interested back in the 90’s. Rather Ron had to have hand surgery after we toured for Control & Resistance so we were at a standstill and no music could be tackled until about 3 years later when Ron could play again. By then however I was living back in NJ and playing in Non Fiction.

Ron: Lack of label interest for a third album was never an issue. The problem was we never came close to finishing it. The chance of the entire album being completed and released are very slim. For now, we’re just going to  digitally release individual songs.

Pic © by Ron JarzombekRON JARZOMBEK
 And talking about new music do you plan on doing a new album in the near future and if you did would it be with the “Control Of Resistance” line-up? And once you do new stuff could you imagine to tour again… also showing up in Germany to visit your fans?

Alan: The new music we have features all of the members who played on Control & Resistance. We would definitely love to play for our fans in Germany again. But we have to take the first steps first. Meaning we have to find out how we will release the music and then we can determine how to play, what shows/tours we can get on, etc… It’s still pretty early to figure all of that stuff out.

There are still rumors about your band…. A reunion etc. - Could you please clear those up if you can already reveal them at this point!

Alan: We are for sure back together in the sense that we want to finish Mathematics and play some shows. So the reunion is no rumor. It is on!

Also I am curious to know how WATCHTOWER writing their songs, do you follow special structures or need special places to go to to be that creative and innovative?

Ron: The way WatchTower usually works is more of a collaborative thing. One guy will bring in a tune (part of a song), show it to the other guys and they’ll play off of it, then fit parts together and eventually complete songs. I’ve been in bands where one guy will write a full songs and they other guys in the band/project simply play written parts. That goes much faster. Sometimes tunes are written when members are on their own time, sometimes where we’re together in the same room.

Since you have established Watchtower – What has changed in the music industry? What turned to good account and what took a turn for the worse? Is there any advice you would send out to the kids who want to start a band anno 2015? Or would you say… I won` start in those days at all?

Alan: Hmmmm… So much has changed I do not know where to start. The hard product versus downloading thing is probably the biggest change. I think it is harder these days for a band to make it in the sense that people do not buy hard product anymore in the U.S. For bands to make it now, they have to sell lots of their merchandise and tour constantly. For the new bands out there I would say what I have always said: “Stay true to yourself and make music because you are passionate about it. Not because you want to be famous or whatever…” This way if you fail, you will still be proud of what you created and if you make it you will appreciate it that much more.

Ron: The internet (digital age) can do so much for bands to get their music out to the world, mostly because of youtube. And direct communication worldwide is so easy with social media. The HUGE problem is that now music is expected to be for free. I tell my students (and young kids getting into music) that if you are planning on making a living playing/writing/recording your own music, start thinking about a new profession. The reason is because the younger generation doesn’t see music as a profession. They think it’s a hobby. If that’s all you expect, then go for it. Unless you are in an older band who is already established, there is no such thing anymore as “making it”.

If you would ever write a book about your band “WATCHTOWER” which title would you choose?

Ron: ‘Mathematics’ - Count on it being completed in a few years, or decades.

Last but not least the floor is yours please leave a final message for my readers and me.

Alan: Thanks so much for continuing to help spread the word about Watchtower. As a person who is not just the singer but also a full-fledged fan, I believe this band is unlike any other in the world. Hopefully we will get our due one day but in the meantime we will continue to put out our unique style of music and hope that it is well received like all of the stuff we have done in the past has been.

Ron: We hope you guys dig the new songs... ‘M-Theory Overture‘, ‘Arguments Against Design’, and ‘Technology Inaction’. Check for them soon on iTunes, Amazon or wherever you get your digital download fix. If all goes well with these first 3 songs, there will be more on the way.

Thank you so much for taking your time answering my questions. I really feel honored that I have had the chance sending my questions your way. I wish you all the best and I hope to see you live again some day soon….. many fans waiting for this dream to come true again…. Thank you so much to Alan for lining this interview up.

© 17.08.2015 exclusively by Rocket Queen Promotion SM feat. Bassluzi

Sonntag, 16. August 2015

Metal Machine news!!! For immediate release!

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Heavy metallers METAL MACHINE  have signed a new management contract with AZ Management, Spain.
METAL MACHINE also reloaded the digital release for the album FREE NATION with brand new artwork on all digital platforms. 
METAL MACHINE present new artwork and track list
Track Listing:
01. Skull And Bones
02. Nailed To The Cross
03. Detox
04. Morning Star
05. World Of Tempation
06. Hellraiser
07. Lord of War
08. Black Sun
09. Free Nation


The line up mentioned above was the supporting act for AC/DC’s Black Ice tour in 2010 and the recordings were made available as of  

Band leader and singer CSABA ZVEKAN comments on the re-release : ”It’s great to live in 2015 as we just have such an amazing technology these days. METAL MACHINE’s release was gone for a couple of weeks from the sales radar. My apologies and now we’re up and running again. Also fans can be happy as there just might be follow up album coming soon.”

Copyright ©2015 AZ Management
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Freitag, 14. August 2015

Neues Review für Street Clip TV Magazin: Polkaholix - Sex & Drugs & Sauerkraut - jetzt lesen

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Polkaholix - Sex & Drugs & Sauerkraut

Label: Monopol Records

Genre: Polka Punk

Die Band gründete sich 2002 und schon bald polkte man raus in die große Welt, und schon bald fand man sich auf dem Weltmusikfestival in Rudolstadt (Thüringen) wieder. Nach besagtem Festival wollte man die Polka Jungens überall spielen sehen und es folgten zahlreiche Einladungen zu diversen Events. Mit Eigenkompositionen sowie Covers zog man so dann kreuz und quer durch Europa.

Mit "Denkste" erschien 2003 alsbald ihr erstes Album, danach folgten drei weitere Longplayer und jetzt folgt mit "Sex & Drugs & Sauerkraut" das insgesamt fünfte Album Album der Band. Am 25. September überrascht uns Polkaholix mit ihrer neuesten CD, die 13 Songs enthält. Hier geht es vom Himmel in die Hölle - vom Regen in die Traufe. Auch die POLKAHOLIX-Fans waren nicht untätig, denn sie waren es, die per Crowdfunding den ein und anderen Euro zum neuen Album beigesteuert haben.

Was hat uns die CD zu bieten? - Unter anderem coverte man diesmal auf POLKAHOLIX-Art: "I Was Made For Loving You" (KISS), "Engel" (RAMMSTEIN), "White Wedding" (BILLY IDOL). Die Band hat das Rad nicht neu erfunden, denn Bands, die covern gibt es bereits wie Sand am Meer. Gute Ansätze sind vorhanden, die Jungs beherrschen ihre Instrumente. Die Covers lassen auf großes schließen, jedoch kommen Sie bei weitem nicht an die Originale ran, aber das hat die Band sicherlich auch gar nicht im Sinn gehabt.

Ein stimmiges Konzept, das nach oben hin noch weit ausbaufähig ist.

Fazit: Vom Gesang her erinnert es ein klein wenig an Alec und Sasha von THE BOSS HOSS... aber auch von der Musik - sie könnten also durch die Bank hinweg deren Brüder im Geiste sein. Die beiden Bands auf Tour geschickt würde passen wie A.... auf Eimer, wie man immer so schön zu pflegen sagt. Für alle, die auf THE BOSS HOSS stehen: Euch wird das Album auf alle Fälle gefallen. Geht des Weiteren musikalisch auch etwas in Richtung Mandowar (Band aus Hessen).

Punkte: 3,5

Susi Rocketqueen Müller
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