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Review: BACK:N:BLACK – Live Voltage 1 & 2 – CD & DVD

Review: BACK:N:BLACK – Live Voltage 1 & 2 – CD & DVD


DISC 1: CD Live At The Verbier Bike Fest Switzerland
DISC 2: DVD Live At Robin 2 Wolverhampton, UK

Let me introduce the girls who play AC/DC to you. I already did a 1stinterview with them some while ago and soon number two will be published – fortunately together with this review. The AC/DC girls already played a wide range of shows and now finally released their first live CD and DVD. So what`s gonna shaking this time?

The five girls that just love to play AC/DC and to rock the scene since 2010. I supported them for a long time too and also helped out Randy`s project DANGLERZ as well. So under the sign of Burrito Bookers and the producing and engeneering of Randy Schmieder at MCART BACK:N:BLACK try to rock our socks of once again. The first disc presents 15 AC/DC covers which includes for example cover-versions of AC/DC`s: Hell Ain´t A Bad Place To Be, Whole Lotta Rosie, Hell`s Bells, Shoot To Thrill and many more rocking tunes.

The BACK:N:BLACK girls already established their name „worldwide“, the fans love the girls and also will have the chance to see them on stage a lot of times this year. So please check out the BACK:N:BLACK homepage for the upcoming shows by clicking HERE.

Now up to rate their live material and live DVD. First up the CD: There are many good AC/DC coverbands but none of them reachs the original. For me it lies within the tight rhythm section and the uncontrolable crazyness of frontman Angus Young and also the cool feeling of Brian Johnson. 

The mostly all in leather dressed up cute girls doing a great performance at biker events for example and all instruments are played very well. The instruments all in all matches with the instruments of the original music. Vocalist Hell-ena has their best moments when she`s singing old Bon Scott Songs like „Sin City“ - really cool.

And last but not least on to the sentiments of the DVD which are the following: The DVD includes Whola Lotta Rosie, You Shook Me All Night Long, Have A Drink On Me, Riff Raff, Touch Too Much, For Those About To Rock (We Salute you) and the girls totally rocked the shit out of it. This is self filmed and also fan filmed material – the girls at its best. Leadguitarrist Ale reminds a little bit on a female version of Slash. But the eyecatcher definitely is BB – and she`s also dressed how you would imagine a female version of an AC/DC guitarrist has to look like.

A good quality DVD which highlights the preference of this all girl band visually and musically.
It´s totally fun to watch them play and watch them act. The band has so much fun on and off stage. If they are some place near you don`t hesitate to see them life. For a self produced CD and DVD it`s really valuable work.

For those about to rock – the girls salute you! Be sure to check them out!


BACK:N:BLACK Interview  ~~~ with the lovely BB ~~~

Pic copyright by Dangler Photos

Hello dear BB, its interview time once again. And as promised here are my questions for you and the band.

1. We already know BACK:N:BLACK so you haven`t got to introduce you, as my readers already know you. So whats new in the BACK:N:BLACK camp?

BB: Hi Suzi Rocket Queen! Thanks so much for following up on us! BACK:N:BLACK is more than alive and kicking! We are kicking ass! We have had so many shows all over Europe recently, and are starting to look beyond (more about this later)! 

The band is tighter than ever, and we are such great friends – it's such a blast to play with these girls! Everyone is so much on the same page, it's great! One really cool recent thing that I can tell you is that we just saw AC/DC in Zurich and London together at Wembley Stadium. We were so honored to get invited by the AC/DC camp themselves. We could hardly believe it! You don’t know how awesome it was to watch the entire AC/DC show standing right next to the mix desk– right in the middle of a sold out stadium! There was history being written right in front of us, and we were right in the middle of it! I still get goose bumps when I think of this moment! One of the funniest parts was when Hell-ena started talking to Brenda – Brian Johnson's wife – and she didn't even realize at first who she was! Brenda was so cool and laid-back – she showed us where the best places were to watch the show, and we just hung out and had a great time!

2. What else is new with BACK:N:BLACK? 

BB: Well, since we last talked, for those who haven't noticed, we have a new set of serious pipes on the lead vocals! For years, we have been looking for just the right match for what we do – someone who has the ability to hit every single one of those high notes Brian Johnson hit, especially in his early years, the balls to belt out at the Bon Scott with guts and conviction– and most importantly who loves AC/DC as much as we do! And we finally found her: Hell-ena! From the moment we met her, we knew she was perfect for us – within two weeks of our first talking, she had all of the songs down and was playing on stage with us! And what a powerhouse she is on stage! If you haven't seen Hell-ena rock the microphone, you need to. I've never seen anyone deliver this music with such passion, conviction and make such an honest connection with the audience. She's no poser – she's the real deal, and people can feel this. She's perfect! Plus, she's redhead, so she drives everyone crazy!

You might've also noticed that we have a new player on drums– Dana, who has come in to replace Angie, who moved to the United States. She's a great drummer and most importantly, is lots of fun to be around.  We are already great friends! 

So with a few changes in the lineup, we have really ramped our whole concert up a notch! I think there is a clip that you can find on YouTube from when we just played in Czech Republic that shows how crazy the audience gets! http://youtu.be/Tfl-rw6foWw

3. Please tell me something about your LIVE VOLTAGE DVD. (Making process, filming, direction etc.)?

BB: We recorded and filmed our LIVE VOLTAGE DVD at the last Verbier Bike Fest in Switzerland. We were very lucky to have so many great people to help with this: photographers, camera operators, sound engineers. And everyone brought their own experience and expertise to the table to make the DVD what it is. One guy in the crew is normally an amazing nature filmer and photographer, so we asked him if he wanted to try something new and sure enough he did! (www.chrigu.org). It was so cool to have him flying his drones around while we played our guitars in the parking lot. It was like being in the middle of some sort of Hollywood set!

But most of the production was done by Randy Schmieder, who has helped out with BACK:N:BLACK for many years (and who is, incidentally, the lead singer and guitarist of the original band that I play in, D'ANGLERZ). Randy and I worked together to decide what would go on to the DVD, but it was really Randy who cut and produced all of this great footage and made the product over a period of about five months (Though I helped where I could, so the Behind the Scenes bit is cut by me, hahaha!) Of course, the little interviews were made by all band members themselves. But all in all, we miscalculated the amount of work it was going to be. At first, we thought we would just do a quick DVD of the concert, but as we worked on it more, we kept increasing what we wanted to get out of it. There were many, many hours that went into this DVD and that’s why we are so happy it’s finally out and so proud of what we have made. 

4. Is there already a statistic of how many DVDs you already sold?

BB: We don’t really know. We didn’t make the DVDs  with the intent to sell them, really. It was more the intent to set the moment as it is now with BACK:N:BLACK in stone. And of course, for all our fans who live too far away to come to our shows, it is a way to see us live. We are here because we have a passion for AC/DC. And we make these kinds of recordings for the same reason that we take the pictures – to share this passion with other people that love AC/DC as much as we do.

5. Well maybe I am wrong but I was told that the DVDs are limited, aren`t they? Just was wondering as they are still in your shop for sale.

BB: You are absolutely right – we printed these for hard-core fans of AC/DC, and for those who are into celebrating AC/DC as much as we are. There are still some left, but we do not have an endless supply. I doubt we will reprint them once they are gone. So get them while you can! Www.Backnblackgirls.Com/shop

6. BB - what is BACK:N:BLACK doing next... upcoming shows and events for 2015/2016 and your goals for the new year? I think that your touring schedule is quite full?

BB: Yes, this year is pretty busy again, which is great! We are in the middle of our summer shows, just got back from Czech Republic last weekend and we will go there again next Saturday. The people there are crazy! Then we have some more shows in Switzerland, the UK and finally Italy again! 

We are extremely honored to be able to play the exact same stage that AC/DC played on during their Let There be Rock tour in Switzerland. That show  will happen in January 2016. 

We are a bit in a mad rush at the moment because we want to play as much as we can, so we are booking shows well into 2016, and we are lucky there is demand worldwide! It looks like we will be heading to Israel soon as well, and I even hear there's quite a bit of interest about us in Indonesia!

We try to list all of our shows both on Facebook and on the main website!   www.facebook.com/backnblack/events or www.backnblackgirls.com 

7. Are you planning to do a new CD in the future?

BB: Right now we are really focused on this new CD and DVD that we just put out, but who knows? In rock’n’roll every day is a new adventure! But this set really captures what we are doing right now. As a band who plays another band’s music, the recordings are here really to showcase what we do with it, and what people can expect from our show. 

Unlike “tribute bands” we don’t try to be a copy of AC/DC, but to share our passion for their music with other AC/DC fans around the world. This is a big reason why we wanted to make the DVD: to show people that they can be themselves and still love to play music that might've been written by someone else. We are not a copy of any band – we just love to play this music. Sometimes it is difficult for people to understand this concept. But no one goes to a Mozart concert looking for a guy named Wolfgang Amadeus– They go there for great music played by great musicians with a passion. This is what we do. We play some of the best music ever written, and hope that through our dedication we can show it the respect and admiration that it deserves.

8. Do the current members of BACK:N:BLACK have new side projects which we should follow in the future?

BB: At the moment, BACK:N:BLACK is a bit busy, but Hell-ena will release a new EP with Natural Born Killers in the fall. We are also starting to do the final mix for the D'ANGLERZ album that we have been working on for so long. With all of the tour schedule for BACK:N:BLACK, Randy and I have kind of put this on the back burner for now, but I think we are very close to putting out A full CD of entirely new tunes. This stuff is a bit of a departure from the AC/DC that people might be accustomed to hearing me play, but I really believe in it.

9. Well and what is your statement about the current situation @ AC/DC? Do you think they will replace their drummer? Your thoughts on this?

BB: If you ask me, I think Chris Slade is one very lucky guy and Phil Rudd isn’t very lucky. I have no idea what went on behind the scenes, but I am sad that life seems to make it difficult for Phil to be in AC/DC right now. Because he really is an excellent drummer. Phil Rudd had some really nice things to say about BACK:N:BLACK a while back, and we really appreciate this. We wish him all the best, and hope things can work out.

10. The floor is yours.. add anything you like to add!

BB: Thank you to all the people who are helping to get the word out about BACK:N:BLACK! Thank you for all your great comments, likes and shares, thank you for telling the halls and clubs in your town to contact us about shows, it really works!!!  We hope very much to see you all soon for an AC/DC party!!!! 

Thanks so much for the interview, you rock big time. All best to you!



For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) 


TNT – Live in Czech Republic July 24, 2015



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