Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2015

-It`s DO IT YOURSELF friday

 ~ It`s DIY friday.... so letz do it ~

Welcome to DIY friday. This time may i present you my lovely self made Dio jeans. Now I will let you know how to make yours. Or how to make another one with the logo of the band or artist you like best. 

You need: 

  • Jeans
  • Ironing paper
  • Nail cissors
  • Thick piece of paper
  • Electric iron
  • Phantom pencil
  • Glitter pen (here silver, brilliant red and glitter black
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Logo

You don`t need much and it is really not expensive so anyone of you can DIY. First of all I made a pattern for the Dio logo, then printed it. With a nail cissors I cutted out the inside of the Logo and then I put the Logo on the jeans at the place where I wanted the logo to be... so in my case its right under the trouser pocket. Just place it wherever you want too and how many logos you want to put on your trouser - this is up to you. But please make sure you put a thick piece of paper into the jeans where you are going to draw the logo at so that no color can hit the inside of your trouser.

After placing the logo you need a phantom pencil to draw the logo on your trouser. The lines of this pencil disappear after 5-14 days or immediately in ontact with water. When you have drawn the logo on your trouser you then take a glitter pen which is for textiles and which is for fine applications a fabric paint with glitter effect, water-based. While painting on your jeans press the pen point effortless into the fabric. The drying time is approximately 6 hours! After the 6 hours are gone you take a special ironing paper and iron the jeans from the left side... means you turn the jeans inside out and iron it from the other side using the ironing paper. Then you iron the left side for about 5 minutes and then it`s done!

Congrats! Now you are finished! Be creative and create your own look. Finished too? What does your jeans like like now? Tell us!

Washing your jeans. You can wash the jeans at 30 degrees Celsicus. You can iron it but ONLY from the left side and do not iron the logo it self!!!! And please save your jeans from extreme heat or extreme frost! So you have fun with your jeans-logo for a long time!

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