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Interview repost from 7.2011 - SIMON WRIGHT (DIO DISCIPLES, Dio, Hallion)

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***Simon Wright***

Hello Simon, very happy and honored to have you talking to me and the fans. First I want to tell you that I am totally proud of you and the guys for doing what you are doing! I really have no words for it. For i know it must be a hard journey without your good friend Ronnie. But be sure me and all the fans are 100 percent behind you.

1. Simon, you were in AC/DC before you joined the DIO band. Why did you leave the band back then?

Simon: Well, I had been in the band about eight years,quite a long time and I was becoming complacent, I guess it happens, I also felt I needed to expand on my playing a bit more.Were still friends and they are a brilliant band and I mean no disrespect but I had to move on.Now Phil is back they sound better than ever.

2. And what was different between playing in AC/DC and playing in DIO?

Simon: I think DIO music is more fill orientated and I got to create a bit more,don`t get me wrong both bands are bloody amazing to play with obviously and there are some killer songs as we know, ACDC is a bit more straight forward four on the floor kinda thing,which can be as difficult as playing complex fills, it`s just 2 different styles of playing and attitude I think.

3. Well AC/DC were much bigger than the DIO band. But from what I think it was more challenging to play drums in Dio than to play in AC/DC. But surely it was a huger audience to play for. But did you have a ball to play the straight stuff more than more variable Dio sounds?

Simon: Well, they were both as challenging just in different ways, I try to approach every gig in the same way though, that is to be consistent every night, anchor the band and play tight regardless of the size of the crowd, there could be 8 or 80000, it doesn`t matter I try and play great every night, it`s my job to do that and I owe it to the musicians around me.

4. You are also playing in Tim Owens solo band are you still playing for Tim?
And will you keep up working with Tims Solo Band? Is there any news bout

Simon: Nothing planned at the moment for solo stuff with Tim,we are concentrating on the DIO DISCIPLES project,but at some point maybe.

5. What are you doing besides the Dio Disciples? I read that you aren`t playingmwith Rhino Bucket anymore. So are there any other projects you are involved with?

Simon: Well I sort of jump in and out of Rhino Bucket,were good friends and it seems to work that way, if they get stuck and need a drummer and I am available I`ll help them out, thats kind of our agreement, they are a great band. DIO DISCIPLES is my main project at the moment, so no other projects at the moment.

6. Whats your opinion about the Dio Disciples. Do you think that most of the fans like the idea that you guys keeping Ronnies legacy alive or do you have negative feedback about it too?

Simon: Well we expected some negativity and there was, but it`s getting less and less.We are very passionate about DIO DISCIPLES and I think the fans at the shows see this, were there to celebrate and honor Ronnie and his amazing legacy of music with the best fans in the world. Ronnie always said fans come first and we totally agree.

7. The Dio Disciples concert in Bochum, Germany was amazing. And it was very emotional and overwhelming for all of us. From what I read there were about 300 people who attended. So what do you suspect for the USA dates... surely more people to come?

Simon: Thank you Susi I`m glad you enjoyed the show, it gets emotional for us too, there are always things ,besides obviously the songs, that remind us of Ronnie, whether it be stories from fans, our stories on long bus rides, I`m always thinking about what he would have done there or what he would think about a certain situation, he was such a wise man. Were are hoping for bigger crowds, were kind of a new band and I think with any new band there is a growing process, the fans that saw the shows in Europe seemed to really enjoy what we are doing and hopefully word will get around about how we are honoring and celebrating Ronnie in a respectful and sincere way, I`ve said before I wish we didn`t have to do DIO DISCIPLES, instead we were doing a new DIO album and touring, now we have to honor him by keeping his music alive.

Susi: I exactly know and understand what you mean about your wish! I truely understand. Me and all the Dio-Fan Family feel the same way. And we think about it every single second and still couldn`t believe it... Simon, we are with you and forever will! 

8. Which is your fave drumset and which one do you usually play when you tour?

Simon: The drums I use when we tour the US are mine, I have two DW kits one chrome finish, which has slightly shorter depth toms and sounds great and my other has a burnt toast finish, kinda like a les paul sunburst finish, looks cool I think, and slightly longer depth toms, they both sound amazing. DW make superb drums, always consistent and great quality,they also provide me with a kit when we do shows outside the US, which is something I was looking for in a drum company, the cost of shipping drums around the world can get a little expensive.

9. So you also toured with ANVIL. And you are now a member of the
Anvil Pounders too. So when did you join and since when are you
friends with ANVIL?

Simon: Yeah we did four Spanish shows with them, great guys, Robb decided I should be an honory member of Anvil Metal Pounders Union in Barcelona, still waitin for the T-Shirt Robb, haha.We first met at a festival, I think in Finland, memories not what it was, there good guys ya know, very commited to the metal cause and a great band.

10. Some last words you would like to share with my readers?

Simon: Just to thank you all for reading this. DIO DISCIPLES will hopefully be back in Europe next year, we look forward to seeing you all at the shows, to help us celebrate and honor the greatest singer in rock, Ronnie James Dio.

All the best.We Rock!.

Simon Wright.{ Drums.DIO-1998/2010}

Thank you so much for taking your time talking to me and my readers. Wishing you all the best - keep up the good work, and thank you again for the amazing concert in Bochum. Hope to see you again in Germany soon would like to stop by to say hi again, I DEFINATELY WILL BE THERE! - Susi

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