Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015

Interview re-post: THE RODS (7.2011)

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Hello Garry, and The Rods, it`s nice to have you here for an interview. Here`s your questions:

1. Please introduce THE RODS anno 2011 to my readers.

Garry: We are the same three members from the 80's: David "Rock" Feinstein, Carl Canedy, and myself. Back doing the same things we did (and still do) so well!

2. In May 2011 you released your lates album called "Vengeance".Who came up with the album title?

Garry: I believe Dave did, as he wrote most of that song, but he and Carl both had many titles for the album that came and went.

3. What were the fans reactions on the new album?

Garry: So far they have been very positive. We think it hits close enough to the original material that it is recognizable as a Rods album, and that is also what many of the comments have been. We have been very happy with the fans' feedback!

4. The title called "The Code" is with Ronnie James Dio singing. Was it hard for you to deceide to put it on the album or better not to release it?

Garry: There was some soul searching with that, but in the end we wanted to have it heard because it was Ronnie and David's project, which was conceived and recorded well before Ronnie even knew he was ill. We thought it was a better tribute to let fans hear his work on this than to worry about peoples' opinions regarding the morality of releasing it. The music business has no morality anyway, so I personally had no concerns.

5. You last toured with Dio Disciples and are back since some weeks. So how was the touring life? Any fun stories to share with us?

Garry: I can now confirm to the public that here, in the new century, touring still SUCKS! We had 14 guys on a bus traveling hundreds of miles, drinking a lot of beer, with a "toilet" that held about 10 liters of liquid. That situation gets uncomfortable really fast. It got worse when the air conditioner could only be full on or off, so you were either freezing of sweltering. The best part was breaking down in the Spanish desert and having the Highway Patrol impound the bus! But actually, some of it was really bad... ;-)

6. And which place was the loveliest you visited on tour?

Garry: That's a difficult question, but I would have to say Vienna (Wien) is the most beautiful city I have seen, and that includes Paris.

7. Well I remember it was not all fun as i saw the pic of your foot looked really scarry. What did happen to you?

Garry: We were at the show at The Matrix in Bochum, and I missed the last step on one of the stairways after the gig. It was a little dark in there, and I'm sure that the German beer had nothing to do with it..;-) I have no complaints, as the venue was great, the audience was wonderful, and the food they fed us was spectacular!

8. On 10th July you played a tribute concert to Ronnie James Dio (rip). So I know it was another hard day for you. So what were your impressions of the concert?

Garry: I thought that all of the performers wanted to play to express their love and respect for Ronnie. It was truly a tribute to a hometown hero who never forgot where he came from, or who it was that made him important and were important to him. He inspired so many musicians in our area, myself included, that we needed to demonstrate that losing him meant something to all of us.

9. What are The Rods doing now? More touring any special plans so far?

Garry: We are recovering from our long absence and making plans for another release. We expect to play some US dates, but nothing to announce now.

10. Last but not least please leave a message for all your german The Rods fans.

Garry: Thank you SO MUCH for showing your support for us during our visits to Germany! We hope to return soon and Rock even Harder!!

Thanks a lot for the great concert in Bochum again. It was great to meet you.

Susi: Thank you. It was great to meet you as well! Hope to see you again soon.