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Interview re-post from 2012: Tony Martin

~ Tony Martin ~


Interview - Tony Martin - 07/2012

Dear Tony, how are you doing? Welcome to the interviews with Rocket Queen. Thank you very much for taking your time answering the following questions.

Tony: Well hi Suzi.. nice to meet you, I am ... fine .. i think!!!

1. Let us turn the wheel back in time. If you think about the recordings for the album HEADLESS CROSS - What are your memories? What was on your mind while recording with the legendary Black Sabbath? I think it really must have been something very special for you. 

Tony:  Of course i was excitied but it was quite scary too.!! You have to take a step back and look at the situation from a distance because th eappearance of the whole thing changes when you realise that Sabbath were actually not in Great shape when i joined.... they were financially stretched and it was getting hard to get people to take them seriously, THEN they hired ME .. a completely unknown rookie!!!! It was about as down as it could get!!... For ME it was a great oportunity but for them it was a kind of survival thing... i wasnt gonna break the bank for them and i had a voice they could use.... but i was still VERY inexperienced to be fronting a major rock name like that!!! ... So it was mixed feelings of "Woop woop" with "what the fuck!!!"

2. Headless Cross was released in 1989. Some of the critics say that this record is the best Black Sabbath album ever. Which song of this album do you like most? And which one do you loved to perform on stage most? 

Tony: I guess Cross Purposes holds the most passion and thought but Headless cross is the first i wrote with the band and is kinda special.

3. Your personal thought on Cozy Powell? Was he easy to work with? 

Tony: Mostly yes he was a great guy, he didnt suffer fools at all though and if he thought you wasnt doin your job he WOULD let you know!!!

4. I know you surely get this asked frequently as it has become up to date right after Ronnie James Dios death. What are your thought on the Black Sabbath Reunion - more pro or more contra?

 Tony: Well they are one of the few older bands that still have all the original members still ALIVE!!!!!! .... so in that respect i would have thought it is quite apropriate for them to be trying to do something.... not sure about the SAME thing over and over and i'm not sure that leaving BILL WARD out of it is a bit of a publicity stunt... In the 10 years that i spanned with Sabbath they never once spoke badly of Bill .. they always spoke highly of him ... so i dont get why they wouldnt go the extra effort to get him settled in the band... UNLESS they are thinking... lets leave Bill out for now and then LATER when we need MORE money and publicity we will get him in then..... i am not privy to the conversations at all or the contracts so its just speculation but i dont get it cause they love him! .... or they DID!!

5. On 27th July you and your band Headless Cross will appear at The Asylum Venue in the UK. You will be supported by Blaze Bayley. What are your expectations of the concert and what could people expect from this show? 

Tony: Tony Martin things!!!!! Every thing to do with my career as a rock singer... You wouldn't expect me to tell you what the set list is but there is 17 songs from 10 albums..... cool.

6. You also are the singer for Rolf Munkes band called EMPIRE. Is there any chance that the world will have  another Empire record in the near future or aren’t there any plans on this? 

 Tony: I WAS... but it was a great session and i loved working with Rolf.... i have a lot of time for him ... great guy ... cool player... he was in the old Tony Martin band for a while about 5 years ago but i had to stop touring because promoters werent interested in that line up and they started flying me out to work with local musicians instead of using my own band.... I have done more work with Dario Mollo in a project called the CAGE .. and the 3rd cage has just recently been released. He is in the current new line up fo Tony Martins Headless Cross.

 7. What are your musical plans for 2012/2013. Is there anything you can reveal to us yet? 

Tony: I have just finished recording a blues/zepplin type album with a new band called Silver Horses in Italy... that should be out in September... and there are lots of other Tony Martin related things to watch out for....

 8. Well, if people nowadays ask you if it is worth making a living out of the music what would your advice be?

Tony:  NO!

 9. What do you do to keep your voice in shape?

Tony: Oh relelntless excersises and trying to keep it working.

10. Soon the Olympics in England start. From what I read you already saw the olympic flame in your town also. So will your town will be overcrowded from all the athletics too? And are you watching some of the games yourself? 

Tony: I would have loved to go to London to see it but th etickets were a nightmare to obtain so the best i got was to see the olympic flame go past my street.!!! that was cool.!!

11. Talking about sports - is there any sports you do?

Tony: Noooooo.... i have been a single parent for many years... that keeps you on your toes!!!

12. Now the floor is yours... please leave a final message for my readers and for me. 

 Tony: I have too many things in my head !!!!!! .... obviously the purpous of this is to highlight the show on th 27th July and thank you for helping to raise attention of that... if the readers are in anyway interested in the Tony Martin thing there is lots to look out for in these next few years.... i hope to meet you all at some point ... keep rockin and thanks for the support.

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Tony, I thank you so much for the interview. It was a pleasure talking to you. I wish you all the best for all your upcoming events and projects. All best wishes from Germany, Susi

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