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Bericht über die phantastischen LEVEL FIELDS

Logo copyright by Harry Wilke


Wer verbirgt sich hinter dem Synonym Level Fields, wie sieht die Besetzung hinter dem Logo aus? Fragen über Fragen, aber RQP hat für euch die Antworten darauf. Die Band wurde von Marco Ahrens (Poverty`s No Crime) gegründet. Level Fields ist also Marco`s Baby. Und für sein Projekt stand fest, dass es einfach Alan Tecchio am Gesang sein musste. Ein Bekannter von Marco mischte sich ein und stellte somit den Kontakt zu Mr. Tecchio (Watchtower, Hades etc.) her und schwupp die wupp war man in Kontakt. 

Die Band besteht aus den folgenden Mitgliedern, die da wären: Alan Tecchio am Gesang, Marco Ahrens (Gitarre,Keyboards, Bass (Song 1,2,3), Andreas Tegeler (Schlagzeug Track 3 und 4), Clint Arent (Bass bei Track 4). Die Songs stammen von Ahrens und Tecchio und wurden ebenso von den beiden produziert. 

Ein offizielles Bandfoto steht noch nicht zur Verfügung, wird aber sicher noch nachgeholt, man arbeitet hier erst einmal mit dem klasse gestalteten Logo von Harry Wilke, der bereits für Watchtower Cover designed hat. 

Die erste digitale Veröffentlichung des Songs namens ENOUGH heizte bereits mächtig ein, das erste Demo namens Demo 1 ist nun auch digital erhältlich und umfasst die folgenden Tracks: Enough, Disowned, Womb To Tomb und ReMarquezAble. 

Eine Homepage hat die Band (noch) nicht am Start ihr könnt sie aber gerne auf Facebook unter LEVEL FIELDS besuchen und sie massenhaft mit euren LIKES überschütten! Die vier Songs könnt ihr u. a. über Amazon kaufen!

METAL IT UP with Level Fields. 

LEVEL FIELDS = Rocket Queen Promotion Roster :-)

CD Review: SOLOWSHOW - THE WON (Promo CD Single)

Visuacoustic glam theatric duet by Mike Breeze (leader of the rock band Mirror) & Leif "Dancette" Astroid (the voice of the glamrock band The Pleasures).


Heute habe ich einen ganz bestimmten Leckerbissen auf dem Plattenteller! Bon Appetit kann ich hier nur sagen. Diese Single macht Lust wahrlich Lust auf mehr. Was Mike Breeze hier an den Start gebracht hat ist künstlerisch sehr anspruchsvoll, kreativ, verspielt und wahrlich MUSIK für die Ohren.

Das zwei Mann Projekt Mike Breeze und Leif Dancette Astroid stellt mit dieser Promo Single ein bärenstarkes Duett vor welches gleich 4 verschiedene Songs umfasst, den Titelsong THE WON sowie weitere drei Killer-Tracks. Die zwei Original-Songs Solitary Shrine und I Can`t Without You stammen vom 2012-er Album "Visuacoustic" (2012).

Beim Anhören fühlt man sich direkt in die Zeit der The Rocky Horror Picture Show zurückversetzt und der Opener und Titeltrack THE ONE erinnert mich sehr stark an THE WHO. Bei Solowshow hört man direkt beim ersten Anhören wo ihre musikalischen Einflüsse liegen: Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Who, David Bowie. Noch fragen? Ihr steht auf künstlerisch wertvolles, dann darf euch diese Single auf keinen Fall fehlen!

Müsste man hier Sterne vergeben so würden SOLOWSHOW 10 von 10 Sternen bekommen! Just magical!


1. The Won
2. The Peacock Song
3. Solitary Shrine
4. I Can`t without you

Die Originalfassungen der zwei Songs Solitary Shrine und I Can`t Without You stammen vom 2012-er Album "Visuacoustic" (2012).

VÖ: Download Single seit 29. Dezember 2014 auf iTunes, Amazon etc. erhältlich)
Label: Mirror Records
Tracks: 4


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Book review: EVEN KEEL - Life On The Streets Of Rock `N Roll by Ron Keel

book cover by

In the eye of the storm or: Singing into the hairbrush

Mr. Ron Keel - born in Savannah, Georgia, USA as Rynia Lee Keel on March 25th 1961 is a well known singer and guitarist best known from STEELER and KEEL. 

Totally enjoyed Rons book and his journey through space and time, it is an awesome read and a must have for every die-hard fan as well. Journalists, fans, also friends voices about Ron were included in this book which makes it a diversified read. 

Steeler and Keel they made a huge career in the 80`s. Rons stating all facts on his entire career from back in those days til present. Like facts that he nearly made it to be Black Sabbath`s new singer or about the fact that Ronnie James Dio choose KEEL to be his opening act for the entire Sacred Heart European tour.

Nowadays Mr. Keel is positioned in Las Vegas and follows various musical projects as well as taking care of his awesome radio shows we all enjoy so much also he will launch another radio network later this year. 

Fast facts: 

- The2nd and the 3rd KEEL album was produced by Gene Simmons
- Scott Warren (Dio) was keyboardist for KEEL
- Ron Keel nowadays broadcast his own radio shows
- Back in the days guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen was guitarist for Steeler

Sadly cannot tell you more - you simply have to get this book and read it yourself! 

ISBN: 9781619278226
Release Date: 2014

Ron Keel WEB

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Roster News: Vicious Rumors to play BÄÄÄM Festival (Germany) - Announcement for immediate release

Vicious Rumors is proud to announce another headlining spot. VR will headline one of the best newcomer heavy metal open air festivals of the last few years, the BÄÄÄM Festival. Other bands that shall appear on the bill are legendary Jutta Weinhold (Zed Yago), Death Dealer, thrash masters Necronomicon and Darkness, heavy metal templars Wizard, Refuge with a special "Rage" show, power metal masters Mystic Prophecy, Masters of Disguise and many more. Check it out! ThisIsMetal!

Also the amazing Contradaction another one of my roster bands (from Wuppertal Germany) will be a part of this festival too.. so don`t miss it and tell all your friends to see VR and Contradiction thank you for your support. 

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Interviewrepost from 10.2012: MATT BARLOW (Ashes Of Ares)

~ Matt Barlow ~

1. First of all I cannot say how great it is to do this interview with you and your brand-new band!!! Please introduce your new band Ashes of Ares to my readers. 


2. And second it would be great if you could please give a little track of the musicians playing in your new band. As I know some of my readers are new in the metal scene... and I am sure some of the older ones 50+ are curios to learn more about you too. 


3. Who got the idea to name the band Ashes Of Ares? And what does Ashes Of Ares stand for?


4. Could you please describe the musical feeling inside of your band? What kind of musical delicacy could we expect?


5. What is the progress on Ashes of Ares for example when can we expect your first album. Which secrets on the album can you already share with us?  


6.  I really understand that family goes first. Matt, so what made you tick to team up with another band and entering the music business again? Is there a special reason? Or do you plan to Ashes Of Ares as a non-touring band for example to make more time with the family. Your thoughts on  this? I just noticed the announcement Freddie made on your Facebookpage by the way... but please leave a statement for my readers.


7. Who is the main songwriter in the band? And where did you get positive vibes to write your songs? Which places inspire your writing for example? 


8. By the way do you miss your times with Iced Earth or did you already file this chapter of your career away? 


9. What are the next steps your fans can expect from the new all-star band? I am sure that there is a huge interest from magazines, TV, webzines etc. also record companies in working with you and signing you? 


10. And now on to a non band related question. Which kind of music do you listen to at the moment. Is there a special album you have on rotation at your CD player as we are talking? Me, I have the new Adrenaline Mob in rotation ;) 


11. Last but not least the floor is yours. Leave a message for all your German fans and for my readers from all around the world. 



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Letz start the monday with an interview repost: JOEY VERA - 1. 2011

Interview 1.2011 JOEY VERA

Pic copright by:

Hello Joey, I welcome you to the interviews with Rocket Queen. I hope you are doing fine and thank you very much for this opportunity to talk to you.

1.Please introduce yourself to my readers in some short sentences. 

Joey: I’m a bassist of 25 yrs or so, and made my start with Armored Saint. Since then I’ve played on many records and other bands such as Anthrax, Chroma Key, OSI, Tribe After Tribe, Seven Witches and Fates Warning which I’ve been a member of since 1996. I also produce records which I’ve got about 30 records to credit that.

2. How did you ran into the phenomenal Fates Warning? 

Joey: I’ve known them since 1984 when they came to a tour we were playing in their area, and they were also signed to Metal Blade which we had a relationship with. We became friends over the years and when they needed to replace Joe Dibiase, they called me.

3. I see that you are playing in Essen/Germany this year on 10 february. So what is new with Fates Warning? Could we maybe expect a new CD in the near future? 

Joey: Fates is still in the writing process which takes some time as you can imagine. We hope to have a record out late this year or early next.

4. With Amored Saint you released your latest album in March 2010. So what is Amored Saint doing at the moment, are you guys writing new material?

Joey: No we are not writing. Again, it takes quite some time for us to make records so at the moment we are trying to put together some European shows.

5. You mentioned in facebook that you are learning vocals for John Archs record. So it seems that hes doing a second Solo CD, sounds great. So are you singing or playing bass, doing both? On how many songs do you support him? 

Joey: Mmmm no not singing, but playing bass. I’m playing on the whole record.

6. What are you favourite bass guitars and which bass do you play mostly?

Joey: My favorite is my ’72 Fender PBass. I have 2 others as well but they are newer and those are the one’s I play most. I’ve retired my ’72 to only recording so that’s the one I’m using on the John Arch record.

7. Please give us a short overview on your current equipement.

Joey: I’ve been using the same gear for years. Ampeg SVT head (1981) and 2 SVT 8x10 cabinets. That’s basically it. I change around the effects depending on the gig.

8. You and John Bush did some cooking videos which we saw on You Tube. Was it your idea to do so? And what is the background behind the cooking thing?

Joey: The label wanted us to do something to promote the release of the record but we didn’t want to just sit there and answer questions so we thought we’d do something different.

9. Do you have your own studio? 

Joey: Yes I do, in my house. It’s a Pro Tools HD3 studio with a Control 24 surface controller. I mainly do mixing here but I can track almost anything.

10. Which are your favourite bands of all time? And which bands are you listening to at the moment?

Joey: Too many to mention. I listen to lots of stuff.

11. You are a bass player and producer. Is Heavy Metal still your favorite music or is there some kind of other music you prefer today? 

Joey: I just like honest, good music. Some of it is heavy but some of it is not.

12. Is the first EP with the song "Lesson well learned" still available? 

Joey: No it has been out of print since 1984 but you can sometimes find it on Ebay.

13. Last but not least.. please leave a message for me and my readers!

Joey: Thank you for all the years of support, We cannot do any of this without you!!

I thank you from the heart for answering my questions. I wish you all the best
and wish you a super rocking weekend, SUSI 

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Pic above: Pic copright by:

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Interview re-post: THE RODS (7.2011)

~ pic and design copyright by Eric Philippe Design ~

Hello Garry, and The Rods, it`s nice to have you here for an interview. Here`s your questions:

1. Please introduce THE RODS anno 2011 to my readers.

Garry: We are the same three members from the 80's: David "Rock" Feinstein, Carl Canedy, and myself. Back doing the same things we did (and still do) so well!

2. In May 2011 you released your lates album called "Vengeance".Who came up with the album title?

Garry: I believe Dave did, as he wrote most of that song, but he and Carl both had many titles for the album that came and went.

3. What were the fans reactions on the new album?

Garry: So far they have been very positive. We think it hits close enough to the original material that it is recognizable as a Rods album, and that is also what many of the comments have been. We have been very happy with the fans' feedback!

4. The title called "The Code" is with Ronnie James Dio singing. Was it hard for you to deceide to put it on the album or better not to release it?

Garry: There was some soul searching with that, but in the end we wanted to have it heard because it was Ronnie and David's project, which was conceived and recorded well before Ronnie even knew he was ill. We thought it was a better tribute to let fans hear his work on this than to worry about peoples' opinions regarding the morality of releasing it. The music business has no morality anyway, so I personally had no concerns.

5. You last toured with Dio Disciples and are back since some weeks. So how was the touring life? Any fun stories to share with us?

Garry: I can now confirm to the public that here, in the new century, touring still SUCKS! We had 14 guys on a bus traveling hundreds of miles, drinking a lot of beer, with a "toilet" that held about 10 liters of liquid. That situation gets uncomfortable really fast. It got worse when the air conditioner could only be full on or off, so you were either freezing of sweltering. The best part was breaking down in the Spanish desert and having the Highway Patrol impound the bus! But actually, some of it was really bad... ;-)

6. And which place was the loveliest you visited on tour?

Garry: That's a difficult question, but I would have to say Vienna (Wien) is the most beautiful city I have seen, and that includes Paris.

7. Well I remember it was not all fun as i saw the pic of your foot looked really scarry. What did happen to you?

Garry: We were at the show at The Matrix in Bochum, and I missed the last step on one of the stairways after the gig. It was a little dark in there, and I'm sure that the German beer had nothing to do with it..;-) I have no complaints, as the venue was great, the audience was wonderful, and the food they fed us was spectacular!

8. On 10th July you played a tribute concert to Ronnie James Dio (rip). So I know it was another hard day for you. So what were your impressions of the concert?

Garry: I thought that all of the performers wanted to play to express their love and respect for Ronnie. It was truly a tribute to a hometown hero who never forgot where he came from, or who it was that made him important and were important to him. He inspired so many musicians in our area, myself included, that we needed to demonstrate that losing him meant something to all of us.

9. What are The Rods doing now? More touring any special plans so far?

Garry: We are recovering from our long absence and making plans for another release. We expect to play some US dates, but nothing to announce now.

10. Last but not least please leave a message for all your german The Rods fans.

Garry: Thank you SO MUCH for showing your support for us during our visits to Germany! We hope to return soon and Rock even Harder!!

Thanks a lot for the great concert in Bochum again. It was great to meet you.

Susi: Thank you. It was great to meet you as well! Hope to see you again soon.


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Power Theory: 2nd Update for 2015

Power Theory Update for immediate release

2nd press release January 2015 - please spread this news to your media - WE thank you!

Bitte teilt diese News in euren Medien. Vielen Dank.

Power Theory Updates 

English version: 

Philadelphia, PA- Pure Steel Records Germany artists, Power Theory,  have begun the final recording process for their new album (3rd), "Driven By Fear" completing drum tracks on January 10th, 2015 at TTR Studios in historic Germantown Section of Philadelphia, PA.
Drums tracks are being handled by Nick Bunczk  (  who has been the bands live drummer for the past year, and is well known as being one of the best percussionists in Philadelphia. His solid skills were showcased in these sessions as the tracks were laid down with open eyes and ears.  
Next up are  guitar, bass and vocal tracks  which will be engineered and produced by Carlos Alvarez at Dirty Viking Audio Productions.
Stay Tuned for Track Listings Soon....
Video below was shot while the drum tracks were being laid down 
The forthcoming "Driven By Fear"  tour will start in Philadelphia as support for metal legend, Doro on March 3rd and future April 2015 dates in Akron & Columbus, OH with Pure Steel label mates, Wretch; May dates in Orlando, Melbourne, Tampa Florida, and negotiations are underway with European Promoters for September 2015. Other shows will be slotted in as they are confirmed but this year will be unlike other and a breakout one as well. Tour Dates as of 1/11/15, More to be very shortly:
3/03/15  The Legendary Dobbs  Philadelphia, PA 19147
4/16/15  31st Street Pub  Pittsburgh, PA 15201
4/17/15  O'Shecky's Live       Columbus, OH 43229
4/18/15  Empire Concert Club   Akron, OH 44310
5/15/15 The Haven         Winter Park, FL 32792
5/16/15 The Boondocks         Melbourne, FL 32935
5/17/15 Brass Mug         Tampa, FL 33613

Management and Booking:
Brian M. Goldstein
Sentinelmusic Ltd
(215) 421-8868
Susi Müller




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Repost: Interview Tygers of Pan Tang 4.2011

Hello/ Dear Tygers of Pan Tang, I salute you and hope all is good with you. Thanks for taking your time doing this interview with me.

1. Please introduce your band to my readers first - when did the story of TOPT begin?

Robb: The band started back in 1978 and established itself through the NWOBHM era up to 1981 when Heavy Rock/Metal was building its foundations across the world. The band was started by me (Robb Weir) and I recruited original members Richard Laws (Rocky), Brian Dick & Jess Cox. The band was quickly signed to MCA and in 1980 released the first album `Wildcat` which charted across Europe and is synonymous with the sounds of that time (NWOBHM). In 1981 the band took a slightly different musical direction into mainstream Rock and recruited John Sykes on guitar (Later of Thin Lizzy & Whitesnake) to make us a two guitarist band and Jon Deverill on vocals who replaced Jess. This line up then recorded and released the critically acclaimed `Spellbound` and `Crazy Nights` albums before John Sykes left the band to eventually join Thin Lizzy. Fred Purser then joined the band to replace John and this line up recorded The Cage in 1982 which became our biggest selling album worldwide due to the worldwide hit of the single `Love Potion No 9`. After this success the record company wanted more cover songs which we declined as the songs we had written for the fifth album were really strong. MCA then terminated our record contract so we decided to split up in 1983.  
2. What does Tygers of Pan Tang stand for? Just a question for all of the younger generation who didn`t already know you. 

Robb: The Name Tygers of Pan Tang was the idea of Richard Laws (Rocky) who was a huge fan of sci-fi novels and was reading a book called `Stormbringer` by Michael Moorcroft. In the book there is reference to some Cliffs called Pan Tang which were guarded by mythical Tigers. When he suggested the name, I thought at least people would remember the band with the weird name so we went for Tygers of Pan Tang.

3. Can you describe the feeling which you had as you reunited TOPT back in 2001?

Robb: It was a fantastic feeling to be playing music again although because Jess was on vocals we were only covering the `Wildcat` songs. After we played at Wacken in 1990 I wanted to start to play songs from the other three albums so I put together a new line up that enjoyed the music and wanted to take the music to the fans. At the time we did not have any plans to record new material.

4. How would you describe TOP in 2011...? What has changed since the year 2001?

Robb: The band is hugely different in 2011; we have a real solid infrastructure in terms of management and band. The present line up as been together now for 7 years which is the longest the band has ever gone without a change. This is really showing its benefits in the music we are writing and the performances live. Our website is full of activity and the web shop has the best range of merchandise the band has ever sold. We also keep close to our fans; we listen to their comments and always respond to correspondence. There are very little ego now just an appreciation of the music we write and respect to the people who buy it.  

5. Were there many singers you casted before you decided to choose Jacopo as your new singer? 

Robb: We auditioned a few singers before Jacopo but as soon as he auditioned in 2004, I knew he was the man for the job. There will always be a time when you hear a musician audition and you just know that he will be playing with you in the future because there will be no-one better that walks through the door. This has now happened twice to me, once in 1980 when John Sykes auditioned and then again in 2004 with Jacopo. He was everything I wanted in a singer; he ticked every box so to speak.    
6. So what are the Tygers doing at the moment? Which things keep you busy? At the moment?

We have just recorded and released a 6 track EP which is a series we are calling `The Sessions `. Last year we released `The Wildcat Sessions to celebrate 30 years since the album was originally released and in February 2011 we released `The Spellbound Sessions` to celebrate 30 years since that release. We have just been confirmed to play a few festivals including the Bang Your Head Festival in July, and some others but we have been asked not to announce these as yet. We are actively writing new material for a brand new album for later in the year before we then record the third `Sessions EP` to celebrate `Crazy Nights`. For more details on the EP or to purchase this visit the bands website shop at

7. Are you looking forward to play in Germany? Are you already exited to be back in Germany and performing in front of this huge audience? 

Robb: We love playing in Germany; the fans have never forgotten the band and have always been very kind in their support. Last year we played at Keep it True X111 and Headbangers Open Air Festivals and got a fantastic response. It will be just great to play to a larger audience and hopefully get more fans back on board with the band. We are having to really raise our game now though as a band and always look at ways to improve the live performance/ set list. When we played KIT the audience did not really know what to expect from us as they had never seen this line up. If you read the reviews I think we made a lot of friends that day and we hope we can keep this momentum going. BYH gives us the chance to keep the profile of the band high through the media and expand our fan base further with the performance and we will take that opportunity, trust me.

8. Do you prefer to play big open airs or club-tours? 

Robb: We love to play anywhere where there is Tygers fans, we will play to 150 people or 20,000, and it’s not a problem. We like to hang out with the fans so it is a bit easier at a club gig but if there is signing sessions at the Festivals we play. Be sure we will be there.

9. How would you describe the style of Tygers of Pan Tang in 2011? What has changed since the early days?

Robb: The musical style has not really changed, the Tygers have a signature sound and we are still writing music in that style. The lyrics of the songs may change slightly with different topics because the authors have changed but if you compare our last album `Animal Instinct` it was a similar style to the first three albums. We have a fun side to the band also and I think this is still reflected in the music.

10. Which equipment do you use?

Robb: I have a guitar endorsement with `Spear` who made me three customised models and I use Hughes and Kettner Amps & Cabs. The band has also endorsements with Dean guitars and we also use Marshall and Ampeg Amps in the backline.

11. Last but not least please leave a final message for all my readers!

Robb: I really hope that you find the time to check out the band at Bang Your Head, if you like NWOBHM or want to just hear some good time Rock n roll then we are the band for you. Also check out the website and send us a message, we love to hear from you.  Finally if you have not listened to the Tygers for a while either put on some old vinyl you have stored away or maybe look to purchase one of the new EP releases from the website, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised. The songs have really stood the test of time.

Thanks for your support of the Tygers


Tygers of Pan Tang Web


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Interview re-post from 2012: Tony Martin

~ Tony Martin ~


Interview - Tony Martin - 07/2012

Dear Tony, how are you doing? Welcome to the interviews with Rocket Queen. Thank you very much for taking your time answering the following questions.

Tony: Well hi Suzi.. nice to meet you, I am ... fine .. i think!!!

1. Let us turn the wheel back in time. If you think about the recordings for the album HEADLESS CROSS - What are your memories? What was on your mind while recording with the legendary Black Sabbath? I think it really must have been something very special for you. 

Tony:  Of course i was excitied but it was quite scary too.!! You have to take a step back and look at the situation from a distance because th eappearance of the whole thing changes when you realise that Sabbath were actually not in Great shape when i joined.... they were financially stretched and it was getting hard to get people to take them seriously, THEN they hired ME .. a completely unknown rookie!!!! It was about as down as it could get!!... For ME it was a great oportunity but for them it was a kind of survival thing... i wasnt gonna break the bank for them and i had a voice they could use.... but i was still VERY inexperienced to be fronting a major rock name like that!!! ... So it was mixed feelings of "Woop woop" with "what the fuck!!!"

2. Headless Cross was released in 1989. Some of the critics say that this record is the best Black Sabbath album ever. Which song of this album do you like most? And which one do you loved to perform on stage most? 

Tony: I guess Cross Purposes holds the most passion and thought but Headless cross is the first i wrote with the band and is kinda special.

3. Your personal thought on Cozy Powell? Was he easy to work with? 

Tony: Mostly yes he was a great guy, he didnt suffer fools at all though and if he thought you wasnt doin your job he WOULD let you know!!!

4. I know you surely get this asked frequently as it has become up to date right after Ronnie James Dios death. What are your thought on the Black Sabbath Reunion - more pro or more contra?

 Tony: Well they are one of the few older bands that still have all the original members still ALIVE!!!!!! .... so in that respect i would have thought it is quite apropriate for them to be trying to do something.... not sure about the SAME thing over and over and i'm not sure that leaving BILL WARD out of it is a bit of a publicity stunt... In the 10 years that i spanned with Sabbath they never once spoke badly of Bill .. they always spoke highly of him ... so i dont get why they wouldnt go the extra effort to get him settled in the band... UNLESS they are thinking... lets leave Bill out for now and then LATER when we need MORE money and publicity we will get him in then..... i am not privy to the conversations at all or the contracts so its just speculation but i dont get it cause they love him! .... or they DID!!

5. On 27th July you and your band Headless Cross will appear at The Asylum Venue in the UK. You will be supported by Blaze Bayley. What are your expectations of the concert and what could people expect from this show? 

Tony: Tony Martin things!!!!! Every thing to do with my career as a rock singer... You wouldn't expect me to tell you what the set list is but there is 17 songs from 10 albums..... cool.

6. You also are the singer for Rolf Munkes band called EMPIRE. Is there any chance that the world will have  another Empire record in the near future or aren’t there any plans on this? 

 Tony: I WAS... but it was a great session and i loved working with Rolf.... i have a lot of time for him ... great guy ... cool player... he was in the old Tony Martin band for a while about 5 years ago but i had to stop touring because promoters werent interested in that line up and they started flying me out to work with local musicians instead of using my own band.... I have done more work with Dario Mollo in a project called the CAGE .. and the 3rd cage has just recently been released. He is in the current new line up fo Tony Martins Headless Cross.

 7. What are your musical plans for 2012/2013. Is there anything you can reveal to us yet? 

Tony: I have just finished recording a blues/zepplin type album with a new band called Silver Horses in Italy... that should be out in September... and there are lots of other Tony Martin related things to watch out for....

 8. Well, if people nowadays ask you if it is worth making a living out of the music what would your advice be?

Tony:  NO!

 9. What do you do to keep your voice in shape?

Tony: Oh relelntless excersises and trying to keep it working.

10. Soon the Olympics in England start. From what I read you already saw the olympic flame in your town also. So will your town will be overcrowded from all the athletics too? And are you watching some of the games yourself? 

Tony: I would have loved to go to London to see it but th etickets were a nightmare to obtain so the best i got was to see the olympic flame go past my street.!!! that was cool.!!

11. Talking about sports - is there any sports you do?

Tony: Noooooo.... i have been a single parent for many years... that keeps you on your toes!!!

12. Now the floor is yours... please leave a final message for my readers and for me. 

 Tony: I have too many things in my head !!!!!! .... obviously the purpous of this is to highlight the show on th 27th July and thank you for helping to raise attention of that... if the readers are in anyway interested in the Tony Martin thing there is lots to look out for in these next few years.... i hope to meet you all at some point ... keep rockin and thanks for the support.

Tony Martin official facebook page

Tony, I thank you so much for the interview. It was a pleasure talking to you. I wish you all the best for all your upcoming events and projects. All best wishes from Germany, Susi

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Rest in peace dear Torsten Thassilo Herbert you will be missed. Torsten was singer and bassist for german metal band named Dragonsfire! 
Statement der Band: 
Liebe Freunde, liebe Fans,
wir sind in tiefer Trauer!
Am 08.01.2015 verstarb unser Freund, Sänger und Bassist Torsten Thassilo Herbert.
Wir können es selbst nicht fassen, aber es ist die traurige Wahrheit.
Unser Beileid gilt in erster Linie der Familie.
Die Trauerfeier findet am Mittwoch, den 14.01.2015 um 11:00 Uhr auf dem Friedhof in Stockstadt am Rhein statt.
In tiefer Trauer,
Deine Band

Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

Interview repost from 7.2011 - SIMON WRIGHT (DIO DISCIPLES, Dio, Hallion)

Pic source: Simon Wright facebookpage... copyright by photographer!


***Simon Wright***

Hello Simon, very happy and honored to have you talking to me and the fans. First I want to tell you that I am totally proud of you and the guys for doing what you are doing! I really have no words for it. For i know it must be a hard journey without your good friend Ronnie. But be sure me and all the fans are 100 percent behind you.

1. Simon, you were in AC/DC before you joined the DIO band. Why did you leave the band back then?

Simon: Well, I had been in the band about eight years,quite a long time and I was becoming complacent, I guess it happens, I also felt I needed to expand on my playing a bit more.Were still friends and they are a brilliant band and I mean no disrespect but I had to move on.Now Phil is back they sound better than ever.

2. And what was different between playing in AC/DC and playing in DIO?

Simon: I think DIO music is more fill orientated and I got to create a bit more,don`t get me wrong both bands are bloody amazing to play with obviously and there are some killer songs as we know, ACDC is a bit more straight forward four on the floor kinda thing,which can be as difficult as playing complex fills, it`s just 2 different styles of playing and attitude I think.

3. Well AC/DC were much bigger than the DIO band. But from what I think it was more challenging to play drums in Dio than to play in AC/DC. But surely it was a huger audience to play for. But did you have a ball to play the straight stuff more than more variable Dio sounds?

Simon: Well, they were both as challenging just in different ways, I try to approach every gig in the same way though, that is to be consistent every night, anchor the band and play tight regardless of the size of the crowd, there could be 8 or 80000, it doesn`t matter I try and play great every night, it`s my job to do that and I owe it to the musicians around me.

4. You are also playing in Tim Owens solo band are you still playing for Tim?
And will you keep up working with Tims Solo Band? Is there any news bout

Simon: Nothing planned at the moment for solo stuff with Tim,we are concentrating on the DIO DISCIPLES project,but at some point maybe.

5. What are you doing besides the Dio Disciples? I read that you aren`t playingmwith Rhino Bucket anymore. So are there any other projects you are involved with?

Simon: Well I sort of jump in and out of Rhino Bucket,were good friends and it seems to work that way, if they get stuck and need a drummer and I am available I`ll help them out, thats kind of our agreement, they are a great band. DIO DISCIPLES is my main project at the moment, so no other projects at the moment.

6. Whats your opinion about the Dio Disciples. Do you think that most of the fans like the idea that you guys keeping Ronnies legacy alive or do you have negative feedback about it too?

Simon: Well we expected some negativity and there was, but it`s getting less and less.We are very passionate about DIO DISCIPLES and I think the fans at the shows see this, were there to celebrate and honor Ronnie and his amazing legacy of music with the best fans in the world. Ronnie always said fans come first and we totally agree.

7. The Dio Disciples concert in Bochum, Germany was amazing. And it was very emotional and overwhelming for all of us. From what I read there were about 300 people who attended. So what do you suspect for the USA dates... surely more people to come?

Simon: Thank you Susi I`m glad you enjoyed the show, it gets emotional for us too, there are always things ,besides obviously the songs, that remind us of Ronnie, whether it be stories from fans, our stories on long bus rides, I`m always thinking about what he would have done there or what he would think about a certain situation, he was such a wise man. Were are hoping for bigger crowds, were kind of a new band and I think with any new band there is a growing process, the fans that saw the shows in Europe seemed to really enjoy what we are doing and hopefully word will get around about how we are honoring and celebrating Ronnie in a respectful and sincere way, I`ve said before I wish we didn`t have to do DIO DISCIPLES, instead we were doing a new DIO album and touring, now we have to honor him by keeping his music alive.

Susi: I exactly know and understand what you mean about your wish! I truely understand. Me and all the Dio-Fan Family feel the same way. And we think about it every single second and still couldn`t believe it... Simon, we are with you and forever will! 

8. Which is your fave drumset and which one do you usually play when you tour?

Simon: The drums I use when we tour the US are mine, I have two DW kits one chrome finish, which has slightly shorter depth toms and sounds great and my other has a burnt toast finish, kinda like a les paul sunburst finish, looks cool I think, and slightly longer depth toms, they both sound amazing. DW make superb drums, always consistent and great quality,they also provide me with a kit when we do shows outside the US, which is something I was looking for in a drum company, the cost of shipping drums around the world can get a little expensive.

9. So you also toured with ANVIL. And you are now a member of the
Anvil Pounders too. So when did you join and since when are you
friends with ANVIL?

Simon: Yeah we did four Spanish shows with them, great guys, Robb decided I should be an honory member of Anvil Metal Pounders Union in Barcelona, still waitin for the T-Shirt Robb, haha.We first met at a festival, I think in Finland, memories not what it was, there good guys ya know, very commited to the metal cause and a great band.

10. Some last words you would like to share with my readers?

Simon: Just to thank you all for reading this. DIO DISCIPLES will hopefully be back in Europe next year, we look forward to seeing you all at the shows, to help us celebrate and honor the greatest singer in rock, Ronnie James Dio.

All the best.We Rock!.

Simon Wright.{ Drums.DIO-1998/2010}

Thank you so much for taking your time talking to me and my readers. Wishing you all the best - keep up the good work, and thank you again for the amazing concert in Bochum. Hope to see you again in Germany soon would like to stop by to say hi again, I DEFINATELY WILL BE THERE! - Susi

DIO DISCIPLES @ FACEBOOK please give THEM a "LIKE" by clicking here and joining their FB PAGE. THANK YOU ALL!

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-It`s DO IT YOURSELF friday

 ~ It`s DIY friday.... so letz do it ~

Welcome to DIY friday. This time may i present you my lovely self made Dio jeans. Now I will let you know how to make yours. Or how to make another one with the logo of the band or artist you like best. 

You need: 

  • Jeans
  • Ironing paper
  • Nail cissors
  • Thick piece of paper
  • Electric iron
  • Phantom pencil
  • Glitter pen (here silver, brilliant red and glitter black
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Logo

You don`t need much and it is really not expensive so anyone of you can DIY. First of all I made a pattern for the Dio logo, then printed it. With a nail cissors I cutted out the inside of the Logo and then I put the Logo on the jeans at the place where I wanted the logo to be... so in my case its right under the trouser pocket. Just place it wherever you want too and how many logos you want to put on your trouser - this is up to you. But please make sure you put a thick piece of paper into the jeans where you are going to draw the logo at so that no color can hit the inside of your trouser.

After placing the logo you need a phantom pencil to draw the logo on your trouser. The lines of this pencil disappear after 5-14 days or immediately in ontact with water. When you have drawn the logo on your trouser you then take a glitter pen which is for textiles and which is for fine applications a fabric paint with glitter effect, water-based. While painting on your jeans press the pen point effortless into the fabric. The drying time is approximately 6 hours! After the 6 hours are gone you take a special ironing paper and iron the jeans from the left side... means you turn the jeans inside out and iron it from the other side using the ironing paper. Then you iron the left side for about 5 minutes and then it`s done!

Congrats! Now you are finished! Be creative and create your own look. Finished too? What does your jeans like like now? Tell us!

Washing your jeans. You can wash the jeans at 30 degrees Celsicus. You can iron it but ONLY from the left side and do not iron the logo it self!!!! And please save your jeans from extreme heat or extreme frost! So you have fun with your jeans-logo for a long time!

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Annihilator are looking for ONE support act....

Source: Annihilator official facebook page: 

ANNIHILATOR are looking for ONE support act for their “Europe In The Blood 2015” tour.
You need to have a label cd release out in Europe. You must be metal. You must be good.
We like helping other bands out that play kick ass metal (and other bands have helped us out, too!) but you also have to have your shit together: no drugs, crazy, full-on drunks (ok, that pretty much might rule out 95% of the metal bands out there! Haha!) and you have to be ready to work hard… it is a gruelling tour with travel hell and you must stay healthy.
Ok, most of us (except Jeff Waters!) drink alcohol but at the right time and the right way!
Most bands charge a “buy-on” fee to their support acts… we do not.
Promoters rarely pay any money to support bands on these kinds of tours… only to the headliners, so that is why we would not charge our support a fee.
The “catch”, however, is that you and/or your record label will need to pay your share of the tour bus… that is a lot of money! So, please… SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! If you don’t have some financing to pay for the bus cost or just want to party hard, please don’t reply.
When you do these kinds of tours, you have to stay healthy. People (FANS!) pay big money to see these shows and they deserve professional, non-hung-over musicians, giving 110% every night… and you won’t get along with us, if you don’t take this tour seriously! OK… think about it before you email us with questions!
A great opportunity for a killer metal band who needs the exposure and wants to do a full European tour in front of the best fans out there!
ONLY THE SERIOUS, CONTACT: neverlandmusic “@” with your band info (web links, label, etc…)
(please do not send Facebook messages, as they will not get replied to)
ANNIHILATOR are looking for ONE support act for their “Europe In The Blood 2015” tour.  You need to have a label cd release out in Europe. You must be  metal. You must be good.  We like helping other bands out that play kick ass metal (and other bands have helped us out, too!) but you also have to have your shit together: no drugs, crazy, full-on drunks (ok, that pretty much might rule out 95% of the metal bands out there! Haha!) and you have to be ready to work hard… it is a gruelling tour with travel hell and you must stay healthy.  Ok, most of us (except Jeff Waters!) drink alcohol but at the right time and the right way!  Most bands charge a “buy-on” fee to their support acts… we do not.  Promoters rarely pay any money to support bands on these kinds of tours… only to the headliners, so that is why we would not charge our support a fee.   The “catch”, however, is that you and/or your record label will need to pay your share of the tour bus… that is  a lot of money! So, please… SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! If you don’t have some financing to pay for the bus cost or just want to party hard, please don’t reply.   When you do these kinds of tours, you have to stay healthy. People (FANS!) pay big money to see these shows and they deserve professional, non-hung-over musicians, giving 110% every night… and you won’t get along with us, if you don’t take this tour seriously! OK… think about it before you email us with questions!   A great opportunity for a killer metal band who needs the exposure and wants to do a full European tour in front of the best fans out there!   ONLY THE SERIOUS, CONTACT: neverlandmusic “@” with your band info (web links, label, etc…)  (please do not send Facebook messages, as they will not get replied to)

Supertramp John Helliwell Interview from 2012 (repost)

Interview 8_2012 - Supertramp - John Helliwell

Pic Source: by the one who took this pic! 

Dear John, be welcome to the interviews with Rocket Queen. It’s an honour having you. I hope you are fine and got the following questions for you:

1. Supertramp has got a huge musical history and you got tons of experiences you made throughout many years in the music business. Can you still remember the day and the feeling you had when you joined the band?

John: I went to an audition/rehearsal in the summer of 1973 in London and was immediately struck by the songs of Rick and Roger - so different and sometimes quirky!  I especially remember being impressed with “From now on”

2. Back in the days rock music was a new thing and not that explored. Today many many years later all is existing and so you can’t hardly invent new styles etc. What are your thoughts on this? I mean you started in a world where there was soooo much to discover and to invent. So it must be some great kind of experience you must have made being there and inventing your kind of music for example?

John:  In Supertramp we all brought to it our different ideas, ideas and influences.  My background was jazz and soul mainly, Roger and Dougie were Beatles fans, Bob came out of the Californian surf scene and Rick, who used to be a jazz drummer, liked blues and R&B.  We all liked the British groups like Traffic and Spooky Tooth.

3. Lots of kids today are not that familiar with the 60s/70`s and 80s music. How would you familiarize someone with the music of Supertramp?

John:  I would ask them to listen to “Crime of the Century” and the next three or four albums.  Then I would ask them to watch the DVD “Live in Paris 1979”

4. What do you think you liked more back in the 70`s and 80`s compared to the year 2012? And what would have been better in the 80`s comparing to now?

John:  I liked the fact that we toured and recorded a lot in the 70s and 80s compared to now.  My cycling times were shorter in the 80s - I am slower now in time trials due to my being 30 years older - I don’t like it - but I have to accept it!

5. In 2010 you celebrated 40 years of Supertramp. That has been 40 years of great music and your passion for music and a wide range of experiences you made, people you met and shows you played. How were the anniversary shows?You also named your European tour 70-10 s it was 1970-2010. Which places you like best in Europe by the way?

John:  I think that the band in 2010 and 2011 was on top form - we played well, produced a great sound and entertained the audiences. I like to be in Paris and Munich for my breakfasts!  Paris -croissants and coffee.   Munich - weißebier, weißwurst, pretzel and senf.

6. What was the best story from on the road you remember and would like to share with us?

John:  During the 1983 tour, Bernard, our piano technician, went skiing on a day off  (it was forbidden) and broke his leg.  Subsequently he was using crutches.  Each day when he was resting we cut about 2cm off the end of each crutch and replaced the rubber foot - he was having difficulty using them after a week or so. This went on for a few weeks - much to our amusement. We never told him.

7. What was the worst experience you made in your career with Supertramp?

John:  In one of my announcements during our show at the Toronto Blue Jay’s Stadium in 1979 or 1983, I forgot where I was and refered to the crowd as being from Montreal.  This is something you really do not want to do - it was lucky that no-one shot me!

8. What is Supertramp doing at the moment - do you plan to record new material? What could the fans expect from you in the near future?

John:  Rick Davies is in comtrol and we may tour next year. There are no recording planned at the moment.

9. How do you keep fit for your shows? Are you having any warm up rituals you usually do?

John:  I ride a bicycle every day - sometimes I take my bicycle out on the road.  If I am not riding on tour, I like to have a morning walk.  Before a show I like to relax, have a small meal about three hours before we play.  I may have one glass of wine before the show too!

10. John - I am kind of curious now. Which bands are your favourite ones you are listening when you drive in your car? And which new age bands do you like? 

John:  In my car at the moment I am listening to Mike Stern, Donny Hathaway,  Muse,  and Keith Jarrett. I have just checked out the Wikipedia’s list of “new age” artists and bands, and I don’t listen to any of them!

11. And now the floor is yours... please leave a message for all your German fans and for my readers as well.

John:  I like travelling and playing in Germany - the people are friendly and enthusiastic, everything works and is usually on time.  I like the food - what better that a good Gulaschsuppe when you are hungry after a gig!  I will come over and play some jazz with my group “Crème Anglaise” if you like.  Don’t let the French sounding name put you off - we will play German jazz all night for you!


Thank you so much for taking time for this interview. I wish
you and the band all the best. Have a great week. Susi

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New: The Rods live at Metal Assault 2015 in #New York

Roster News: Scarlett Gypsy s song is the winner of the 2014 TBFM Music Awards - Congrats!

Scarlett Gypsy's song "Black Betty" is the winner of the 2014 TBFM Music Awards.

‪#‎Blackbetty‬ ‪#‎TBFM‬ ‪#‎Award‬ ‪#‎scarlettgypsy‬ ‪#‎Glam‬ ‪#‎whatshot‬

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Volks Punk N Roller : Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself - HEYNE Verlag - Die Buchrezension

Headline: Speed, Schnaps und die ganze Nacht wach - Der Punk Rock N Roller 

William Michael Albert Broad - wohl viel besser unter Billy Idol bekannt ist der Punk Rock N Roller wie Andreas Gabalier der Volks Rock N Roller ist - nur in einer ganz anderen Zeit jedoch. Der Name Billy IDOL hatte er einem seiner Lehrer zu verdanken... er nannte ihn auf Grund seiner Trägheit immer "IDLE" ... und hiervon leitete sich Billy dann einfach IDOL ab. Geboren im Norden von England und später nach New York übergesiedelt. Billy erzählt über seine Kindheit in England und das erste Mal übersiedeln in die USA wo sein Vater ein Jobangebot erhielt, danach ging es jedoch für klein Billy noch einmal zurück nach swinging England. Billy war schon immer sehr kreativ und entwarf sich seine Outfits anfangs aus Geld Mangels einfach selbst und die Fans liebten es und eiferten ihm nach. 

Es geht in seinem Buch über seine erste Band Chelsea, seine zweite Truppe namens Generation X - als es mit Generation X vorbei war zog es ihn 1981 wieder in die USA.In 1982 ließ Billy sich sein erstes Tattoo stechen noch lang bevor dies in der Rock/Punk/Metal Szene zum Trend wurde. Dann begann seine Karriere als Solo-Künstler alsbald rapide voran zu schreiten. 

Das Buch erzählt von Drogen Drogen und nochmals Drogen und 6 6 6. Es war auch nicht anders zu erwarten wenn man ehrlich ist. Und eine Frage von mir ist: Warum nennen viele Musiker ihre Songs nach Drinks/Alkoholika? Im Falle von Billy war es die Sorte REBEL YELL... er schlug den Stones vor, die dieses Getränk wie Kaffee tranken, als Namen für einen Song "Rebel Yell" zu nehmen, doch diese lehnten es ab... somit wurde der Song zum Hit für Herrn Idol. Was bei Guns N Roses "NITE TRAIN" ist ist bei Billy Idol einfach REBEL YELL... na dann mal PROST. 

Originaltitel: Dancing with Myself
Originalverlag: Simon & Schuster
Aus dem Amerikanischen von Jan Schönherr, Harriet Fricke 
Gebundenes Buch mit Schutzumschlag, 
Seiten: 464 Seiten
Format: 13,5 x 21,5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-453-26776-3
Preis: € 19,99 [D] | € 20,60 [A] | CHF 28,50 * (* empf. VK-Preis) 

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Review: Contracrash - THY KINGDOM COME - VÖ: 23. Januar 2015

Nach Contracrash s nun mehr 6 Jahre zurückliegendem Debut namens "Goddamn Planet" erscheint nun Ende Januar ihr neuestes Werk namens "Thy Kingdom come". Das Cover (siehe oben) ist sehr düster gehalten und zeigt ein episches, futuristisches Gebäude wovor eine zerbrochene Gestalt sitzt, gezeichnet von Schmerzen - so meine Interpretation.

Der Longplayer beinhaltet 12 Songs, die jeweils in 3 Akte unterteilt sind. Akt 1 nennt sich: Apocalypse Rising, Akt 2 heißt Born In Darkness und Akt 3 schimpft sich Carry The Fire. Und in Deutschland sind die Jungs schon kein unbeschriebenes Blatt mehr und erfreuen sich einem recht hohen Bekanntheitsgrad.

Was kommt also musikalisch Ende Januar auf euch zu? Ein in Eigenproduktion erschaffenes Werk mit einer Spielzeit um die 70 Minuten und u.a. einem Track, der die Schallgrenze von 20 Minuten übersteigt. Das Ganze hat Thorsten Sauerbrey (hat schon für Paddy Schmidt, Existence Failed, Bodybag u.v.m. gearbeitet) gemixt und gemastert.

Cleaner Gesang gepaart mit Shouts. Alles in Allem ist es eine sehr ordentliche Produktion, die gut reinhaut. Der Rhythmusgitarren-Sound vermittelt manchmal etwas Djent-Feeling. Für manche Hörer könnten die Lead-Gitarren vielleicht etwas präsenter sein. It`s all about that bass? No  - haven`t heard much of him - das liegt dann aber wahrscheinlich an den tiefen Gitarren. Die cleanen Chor-Gesänge bringen einiges an Abwechslung zu dem zumeist sehr rhythmisch gehaltenen Strophen.


01. How It Feels To Burn
02. Thy Kingdom Come Prt. 1
03. What If
04. He That Is Without Sin 
05. Cast The First Stone
06. Enter My Game
07. With Fingers Crossed
08. The Final Curtain 
09. Romans 13:1
10. Higher Power
11. Born To Survive (To Stand, Fall & Rise) 
12. Ashes To Ashes


Contracrash sind:

Andy Ritter: Vocals
Sven Fischer: Drums
Boris Müller: Bass
Philipp Ettwein: Rhythm Guitars
Matt Carviero: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards, Programmings

VÖ: 23. Januar 2015
Label: Rockwerk Records

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Power Theory - Driven by Fear update - New cover unveiled - rosternews

Power Theory Update for immediate release

January 2015 - please spread this news to your media - WE thank you!
Bitte teilt diese News in euren Medien. Vielen Dank.

Power Theory Updates / January 2015

English version:

Power Theory Unveil "Driven By Fear" Cover Art: The new cover artwork completed by Timo Wuerz has been under wraps for well over a year now and as the final recordings are scheduled to begin January 10th and 11th at TTR Studios in Philadelphia, PA we are very excited to share it.

The expectations for a release of "Driven By Fear" on Pure Steel Records is in late Spring 2015 to coincide with recently booked U.S. Tour dates.

More information on song titles and progress of the final sessions will be shared in the next few months leading up to its completion.

Happy New Year to all !

Metal it up!

Yours Rocket Queen Susi 


Power Theory lüften das Geheimnis um das neue Cover: Für mehr als ein Jahr wurde das neue Power Theory Cover, vonTimo Wuerz entworfen, unter Verschluss gehalten. Und da die abschließenden Aufnahmen für das neue Album für den 10. und 11. Januar, in den TTR Studios in Philadelphia, angesetzt sind, sind Power Theory sehr stolz darauf Ihnen/euch jetzt ihr neues Cover präsentieren zu dürfen.

Voraussichtlich wird das neue Album "Driven By Fear" Ende des Frühjahres 2015 unter Pure Steel Records erscheinen und sich zeitlich mit den jetzt schon gebuchten US Tour Daten abdecken.

Weitere Infos sowie Songtitel und Fortschritt der abschließenden Aufnahmen werden wir euch bald präsentieren.

Wir wünschen euch ein Frohes Neues Jahr!
Metal it up!

Eure Rocket Queen Susi