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Review: AC/DC - Rock or Bust by Rockulus Maximus for and

AC/DC – Rock Or Bust
by Rockulus Maxiums for 
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There is very little that can be said about this band that hasn’t been said before. They are undisputed legends of their sound and style which has been well documented since their early incarnation back in the very early 70s right through to the modern day. It says a lot that fans can still be truly thrilled and excited by the prospects of another new studio album and still remain loyal to a band which has experienced unsurprisingly both highs and lows.

The lows in recent times include the current ongoing trials of drummer Phil Rudd, and the heartbreaking developments regarding master Kingpin Malcolm Young and his retirement due to a form of dementia. Despite these shackles of misfortune the ballbreakin’ Rockers continue to ride on and have unearthed their 17th studio album (including the Australian albums ‘High Voltage’ and ‘T.N.T.’), or if you’re a devoted fan of Brian Johnson era you could say 10th studio album featuring the gravelled-vocal chord Geordie.

Maintaining their stiff upper lip, AC/DC are rocking all the way ‘cos that’s the way to rock’n’roll isn’t it? If you’ve been clearing out the cellar for the last few months you may not be aware that both the title track and ‘Play Ball’ have been circling airwaves and personal music players with ominous and short precision. The duration of both tracks is the sign of what is to follow from the remainder of ‘Rock Or Bust’ as the tracks whizz by in quick succession. Like a shot of love they smash’n’grab ‘cos rock and roll ain’t noise pollution.

11 tracks which get in, do their business and then get out is quite an attractive proposition after some of their recent-ish labours of love. The album proudly displays each and every song was written by both Angus and Malcolm Young with the addition of a heartfelt message “And most important of all, thanks to Mal, who made it all possible”.

Personally I enjoyed this album from the first listen and found it more enjoyable and satisfying than ‘Black Ice’. Where the 2008 studio album tried ambitiously to explore the blues much further than any of their previous releases, ‘Rock Or Bust’ is a shameless boogie album which trims the fat and versatility. The guitar work is excellent as always and continues to deliver what is expected.
With production duties once again at the helm of Brendan O’Brien and with Mike Fraser behind the engineering, your ears are treated to some highlights like ‘Rock The Blues Away’ complete with sing-a-long chorus, ‘Dogs Of War’ which fades in and then hovers eerily before the riff grabs you by the scruff of the neck and grows into a quintessential example of an AC/DC chorus; some cheeky “Na na na’s” accompany ‘Miss Adventure’ whilst ‘Some Rock & Roll Thunder’ struts like a mischievous cockerel around a farmyard looking for some easy pickings.

The general unanimous verdict from far and wide suggests AC/DC haven’t made a classic rip-roaring album in many, many years and for me personally their last GREAT album was in 1990 when they unveiled ‘The Razors Edge’. It may be true to state that AC/DC are treading in waters which are beyond mere comparisons to their back catalogue, and are walking to an inevitable finish line instead of sprinting towards it with ‘Rock Or Bust’. Whatever side of the fence you wish to stand; this album should put a grin on your face and slap you around with a naughty wink of the eye if nothing else.
It would appear the bearers of such musical classics as ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’, ‘For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)’, ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock’n’Roll)’ and ‘Back In Black’ can still ‘Rock The House’ and that is going to please a great many fans. If you can afford it, treat yourself this Festive season with a mistress for Christmas, or perhaps it might be more politically correct to simply buy ‘Rock Or Bust’.

(3.5 pints outta 5)

Rock Or Bust
Play Ball
Rock The Blues Away
Miss Adventure
Dogs Of War
Some Rock & Roll Thunder
Hard Times
Baptism By Fire
Rock The House
Sweet Candy
Emission Control

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