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New Review: Active Heed - Higher Dimensions - VÖ 2014

Review: Active Heed - Higher Dimensions

The new and 2nd CD from Active Heed includes 12 songs and has got a total playing time of nearly one hour. It is really awesome to see AH released a new album so fast. AH changed their style a bit and so it gives the listener a fresh note.

The Numbers Of God - shortly after the beginning this song rhythm comes along as a DIO song... just saying. 

Personally I say.... the rhythms are in reverse as the tunes are really proggy. Mr. Pagnini composed this CD and his friends transacted it one by one. This project is a super team of outstanding and talented musicians.

If you are a fan of the 70-s prog rock you definitely have to buy this killer album.

Active Heed - Higher Dimensions Year: 2014
Produced by: Active Heed
Label: self

Active Heed are:
Umberto Pagnini: composition, lyrics
Cristiano Roversi: keyboards, bass
Gian Maria Roveda: drums
Mirco Ravenoldi: guitars
Per Fredrik Åsly: vocals

1. The War of Tempos
2. Far Escape
3. A Little Bit Expired
4. Gaps In Time
5. Multiple Replies
6. The Numbers Of God
7. Crop Squares
8. A Pet Called Prime
9. No Speed Limit
10. Kick-Ass Grammar
11. Ternary Level One
12. Not Left And Not Taken

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