Samstag, 29. Juni 2013

New interview with ORPHANED LAND (Chen Balbus) online now

Recently Rocket Queen Promotion sheduled an interview with the pioneers of oriental metal. ORPHANED LAND. They were fast as a shark and already retured the interview. Just uploaded it and you can read the interview by clicking HERE.

Orphaned Land new album out now

Nominate orphaned Land for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize now....

Nominate Orphaned Land for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Petition | GoPetition

Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

A Bola de Metals new compilation is online for downloading.. featuring POWER THEORY s AN AXE TO GRIND

A Bola de Metals new compilation is online for downloading... you can find POWER THEORY  with their song "AN AXE TO GRIND" at this compilation. We thank our spanish friends! You can find the free compilation right here

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Samstag, 22. Juni 2013

Sons of Aadam Germany ... new facebook page online

It`s finally here the Sons of Aadam Germany facebook page.
Please love it, like it, share it by following the link below

We thank you so much for your support in advance,

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Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

The Mixing of "A New Freedom" by Greg Wurth has now been completed

Foto: The Mixing of "A New Freedom" by Greg Wurth has now been completed at "The Mothership" in Los Angeles. Now we on to the Mastering phase with Maor Applebaum who has Mastered for Rob Halford, Armored Saint, Sepultura and many others. The video is being produced by Scottsdale, AZ based Echo Star Cinema and will be released world wide on You Tube and iTunes.  Left to Right: Jeremy Colson/Drums and Philip Bynoe/Bass (from the Steve Vai Band) and Mark Boals/Vocals (from Yngwie Malmsteen's early records.) Byron Nemeth/Guitars.  The complete photo album of the recording of "A New Freedom" at The Mothership is here on Facebook:

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

Power Theory line up update - for immediate release


Power Theory - News 06 - 2013

***for immediate release***

Power Theory Official Press Release - english version

Dear mediapartner,
please publish the following news to your media:
Power Theory line-up update
Power Theory would like to announce that Drew Foster will be stepping back in his role as bassist due to constraints and commitments of his job. Drew will always be a member of the Power Theory family and available to fill in for shows if the need arised, and continue to work on a side project with guitarist BB Ballinger.
"We are also very pleased to announce Alan D`Angelo (Livesay, ex Sleepy Hollow) will be taking over duties as Power Theory bassist for Warriors of Metal IV - Open Air and the fall "Metal Masters Tour " with Vicious Rumors, Leather Wolf, Seven Witches, and Power Theory`s support role starting 10/03/13 in our home town, Philadelphia, and the forthcoming "Driven By Fear" final recording sessions. Alan is a kick ass bass player and has great stage presence."
***Alan D`Angelo***
"Unfortunately we will have to cancel our 6/22/13 date with label mates Widow and good friends Infernal Opera at Mojo 13 in Wilmington, Delaware to prepare with Alan for our Warriors of Metal IV set in Ohio, on 6/29/13, but will attend to support the bands, and rest assured we will be in top form for our scheduled set at WOM IV.", said BB. 
Thank you so much for your support always!
Best regards,
Susi Müller - Rocket Queen *Promotion*
(Official PR, Publicity, Promotions etc. for Power Theory)

Power Theory Presse Mitteilung - deutsche Version
Liebe/r Medienpartner/in,
bitte veröffentlicht/veröffentlichen Sie die folgenden News auf/über Ihre/n Medien:
Power Theory Line-Up News

Power Theory geben hiermit bekannt, dass Drew Foster seinen Posten als Bassist abgibt. Drew wird immer ein Mitglied der Power Theory Familie bleiben  und wenn es notwendig ist für diverse Shows einspringen. Ebenso werden Drew und Gitarrist BB Ballinger zusammen an einem weiteren musikalischen Projekt arbeiten.
Power Theory freuen sich bekannt geben zu dürfen, dass Alan Alan D`Angelo (Livesay, ex Sleepy Hollow) die Show am 29.06.2013 auf dem Warriors of Metal IV Open Air und die im Herbst anstehende Metal Masters Tour mit Vicious Rumors, Leather Wolf, Seven Witches, welche am 03.10.2013 in ihrer Heimatstadt Philadelphia startet, spielt sowie bei den finalen Aufnahmen zum neuen Album "Driven By Fear" den Bass schwingt. Alan ist ein Ausnahme-Bassist mit sehr starker Bühnenpräsenz.
***Alan D`Angelo***
Um Alan auf das Warriors of Metal IV Festival vorzubereiten müssen wir unsere Show am 22.06.2013 im Mojo 13 in Wilmington, Delaware mit den Label-Kollegen Widow und unseren Freunden von Infernal Opera leider hiermit absagen, teilt BB Ballinger mit. BB wird jedoch bei dieser Show dabei sein um die dort auftretenden Bands zu unterstützen. 
Vielen Dank für deine/Ihre Unterstützung im Voraus.
Mit freundlichem Gruß,
Susi Müller - Rocket Queen *Promotion*
(Offizielle PR, Publicity, Promotion etc. für Power Theory)

Montag, 17. Juni 2013

Unfortunately POWER THEORY will have to cancel their live set this Saturday 6/22/13 @ Mojo 13.

Unfortunately Power Theory will have to cancel their live set this saturday 6/22/13 @Mojo 13. BB will be attending the show to support the bands. More details to come on this very soon, it`s all positive news 

Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

Suncrown - Interview online now!!!!

Suncrown - Interview 6/2013

Hello dear Suncrown band, nice having you for an interview. Now with only a little delay here's my questions for you.

1. Please introduce your band Suncrown to my readers first.

Oleg: We are a symphonic metal band and our musicians are from different countries. There are so many good people in this world and we enjoy writing songs that speak about these people and the values they bring to life. We are fortunate to have members that represent this from around the world.

2. Which of your band members suggested to name the band "Suncrown"?

Oleg: I was thinking about some good and light name for a band a few years before we began working like group.

3.In October 2011 you released a video tribute to Ronnie James Dio and you covered Black Sabbaths HEAVEN AND HELL.

Also Vinny Appice did the drums for this video. How did you run into Vinny how did you meet him?

 Oleg: We had a friend who knew a studio owner in Las Vegas that had done a lot of recordings with him. So he called him and lined it up.

Vinny is a very nice, humble man. Very real and easy to work with.  It was a great honor for us having him play.

4. Oleg: You did some more videos until you released your first album in November 2013. So your latest album is called Follow Your Dream. You also added new members to the group. What about the fans reactions on the album?

Oleg: We got many reviews of our album and many positive words from fans about the first album. During this album was forming our line up and style.

5. As you are from different countries it makes it a little hard to go out play shows.. is it planned to go on tour or is it a so to say internet-metalband-project only.. what are you thoughts, Oleg?

Oleg: Yes, of course we are planning and we will do this. It is hard for us, because we need to have many visas and spend more money for trip. We have invites on few gigs, and I think we will follow them this or next year.

6. What is the next goal you like to reach with your band?

Oleg: Now we are recording our second album “You Are Not Alone”. After this we will work to play shows

7. How long did it take to do all the recordings and preparations for the album?

Oleg: On first album we spent nearly a year on composing, recording and release of the album.

8. Please give us a little insight into the Ukraine's metal scene.

Oleg: We have many extreme metal bands. Here black/folk/atmospheric/death metal is popular.
One of the famous black/folk metal bands are Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh, Balfor, Zgard.
We have a good pagan metal scene: Natural Spirit, Chur, Kroda, Viter. There are symphonic metal bands which are good in my opinion: Morton and Conquest. Also veterans of doom metal Apostate and new perspective band Nonsun.

 9.The floor is yours leave a message for all my readers and your fans from all around the globe.

 Oleg: We are very thankful to all people working with us and listening to our music and supporting us. 

Thank you so much for the interview, Oleg. I wish you and your band all the best for the future and lots more albums to come. All best, Susi

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